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Double G-Cat 5.0 for $800  Bottom

  • https://pensacola.craigsl…ilboats2/6731052700.html

    Edited by rch701 on Oct 24, 2018 - 08:40 AM.

    83' NACRA 5.0
    Previously owned H18, Trac 14, G-Cat 5.0, H14T
    BYC, Mobile, AL
  • I am sure the top boat is a G-Cat 5.0 but I think the bottom one is a G-Cat 5.7

    The giveaway is the way the forward crossbeam is connected.

    Stiletto 27 (current boat) on a 2 year plan
    G-Cat 5.7 sold
    Hobie 18 sold
    Hobie 18 sold
    Hobie 16 (Rumrunner sails) Bought new in 1983 sold
  • From the ad:
    QuoteI have two older british built G-Cat catamarans for sale.

    According to mr.g-cat, "they never built out outside of the usa but shipped "some containers" to holland and that's probably where these came from"

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