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Cracked Window  Bottom

  • I have a well-used H18 jib I have been flying... it has a very small crack in the jib window, starting at the edge and extending 1-1.5" inwards. The sail probably needs replacement, but I'd like to patch it and keep it as a spare.

    Suggestions? Tape seems like the easiest and potentially least permanent fix, though I have been thinking about using 'Tenacious Tape.' I know in more solid plastics, there's benefit to drilling/melting a small hole at the end of the crack to keep it from running. Any benefit to this on such a thin application?

    I miss having a good sail loft here locally.

  • Gorilla tape, I used it on torn window on my Gcat 5.7 jib and it has made a fine spare.
  • Clear packing tape is the standard repair material used for similar repairs on mylar and vinyl windows of windsurfing sails. A vinyl sticker will even work in a pinch.

    Otherwise, a sail maker could easily replace the window. If you have a basic sewing machine, you could probably even do it yourself. Place the new sheet of vinyl over the window, stitch it down around the perimeter, and then cut out the old window.

  • i've used all sorts of tape (packaging, sail repair, spin repair, duck, gorrilla, wild turkey, crazy sticky sheets of tape, etc) on torn sails and windows. all fine for the short term - but they all fade, crack and fail with use and exposure

    homemade sail repairs are only as good as the skills and execution used to make the repairs
    if you want the repair to last dozens of uses in the future - let a pro do it when it counts

    i am a big fan of supporting my local chandler, riggers and sail lofts when i can for things i am not an expert in and need a lasting solution ... or i learn the skill before it's used on my wind-throttle . a new window should cost somewhere's near $100. good price to pay for the right repair. and you can take advantage of that time building a relationship with your sail maker, keep his loft open,, and you can ask lots of questions about sail shape and trim
  • Yeah, FWIW, I am a big fan of supporting local vendors... I used to have a good guy in town twenty years ago. He's gone. So's my local Hobie dealer... though oddly, I now live around the block from his widow?

    I guess I'm looking at a short-term fix. I'll start small, since my experience is that such fixes tend to grow over time. :/

    Either that or I drive two hours to the closest loft in the Bay Area where they'll tell me I should just replace the sail... which I probably will. Sticky fix in the meantime, though... hopefully one that won't gum up the rest of the kinda tired (but not gooey) jib.

  • Does it have to be clear? Otherwise dacron repair tape should work and last. If you want a clear tape, maybe Tenacious Tape, it's meant for outdoors clothing, tents, etc. Very strong, make sure to put it right the first time, it's hard to take it off. I don't know how it handles UV.
  • So, not wanting to hijack here, but just thought I'd ask because I've never thought about this before, but what can I do to keep the clear window in my jib from cracking or yellowing?

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  • 303 Aerospace Protectant

  • Quote303 Aerospace Protectant

    So I was not aware of this product. The reviews on Amazon are amazing.
    Question for you - On Amazon, they state to not use it on clear plastics as it might leave white residue - Have you experienced this at all?
    Thanks, in advance for the great lead

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  • windsurfers have lots to say about this topic
  • QuoteSo, not wanting to hijack here, but just thought I'd ask because I've never thought about this before, but what can I do to keep the clear window in my jib from cracking or yellowing?

    Don't use windex or anything with ammonia to clean it will yellow plastic up I learned that the hard way on Jeeps !

  • I had hand sewed my window back together and then taped over it and it survived a year. Then after talking with a sail maker they said to just go to JoAnne fabric and get the thick clear vinyl because it was the same stuff they used and sew it in.

    I taped it on where the old one was and hand sewed t through the old holes in the Dacron in a few hours. Good to go

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  • randii,
    i had a tear in this mainsail that was caused by my crew hitting the sail to get the battens to flip during a tack. I repaired the 8" tear with LifeSafe Clear Sail Repair tape. see if you can find the location of the tear in this photo?

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  • Don't know how well it protects but I restored a jib window that was off color and very stiff after being left wrapped around the stay for 15 years in the sun. Soaked for a week in armor all cleaner.

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