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Difficulty setting Halyard ring on Mast Hook of 570  Bottom

  • Hello,
    We’ve been sailing a 570 for 4 years and lately the Halyard Ring does not set into the Mast hook easily. Instead it rests on the tip of the hook. We have to confirm that it is set with binoculars. We are currently using a Hobie Aussie Halyard ring with a welded shackle. Prior to this we used the ring that NACRA supplied but the metal is thicker and diameter of the ring narrower so we thought the Hobie ring would be easier but it is not. We like the welded shackle because it makes it easier to pop off the hook. We tie an 8 knot facing aft and are considering having the knot face the mast slot. But, our hook is in the center of the mast and we are concerned it will not come off the hook easily if the knot is up against the pulley.
    Does anyone have a solution for us?
    Thx much.
  • Mine works way better with knot facing/against mast. Doesn’t seem like that would be the case but that’s how it is on mine and a friend of mine.
  • Is your mast hook in the center or off to a side?
    Are you using the Hobie Aussie Halyard ring with the welded shackle or the NACRA one ?
  • center, ring is from murrays
  • I've had some issues with my main hooking correctly, and worked on this quite a bit. Knot must face forward, and you can bend the metal part that holds the halyard slightly astern. The combination will "lean" the ring slightly forward.

    I was worried about unhooking but it's never been an issue. If it ever is, capsize the boat on the beach, and study the setup up close. Better than the binoculars!

  • Thx for the feedback! Last question, has anyone used the “Main Halyard Ring” from Murray’s? The metal eye for the halyard is inside the ring but off center. This looks useful for a mast where the hook is off center also but I am wondering if it would be helpful here?
  • Knot facing the mast is the standard for the Nacra type, non welded. Having it wrong meant for me that it didn’t lock when hoisting the sail. I changed to the Aussie ring (not because of that, just to improve the system) and found it hard to unlock sometimes. Instead of a stopper knot I used a bowline around the little hole, which worked well. Mine is with the little hole towards one side, not centered. I suggest you try first knot facing forward and then knot centered (not stopper knot), one should work. I was concerned about the distance above the hook but it wasn’t an issue
  • Quoteas anyone used the “Main Halyard Ring” from Murray’s?

    yup - i use it on my mystere 5.5 - without much hastle - but knot MUST face aft for me or the knot will prevent it from attaching - and cause hastle when dropping the mast - to the point of having to put it on it's side occasionally

    my 6.0 has a custom ring that is just a round loop welded to a block assembly (fore reefing)
    but using the same exact hook

    these ring/hooks have always been tricky and seem to work most times and then not ...
    i think bending the hook out a bit helps but each boat / rig is different

    I would suggest
    i would try a few rings, and the knot facing a few ways and find out which is best for your rig (have a helper around) and don't do this in the blazing sun ... it
  • I have a NACRA 500 and have found that using a twist shackle helps a ton.

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    2000 NACRA 500
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  • I have a Supercat 15, with the hook conversion. My knot MUST face the aft and I have to absolutely be pointed directly into the wind and lastly, I have to hoist the sail off the hook with my halyard and twist the mast hard, release the halyard and pull sail down. I cannot remember which way I have to twist, but is towards side of mast that hook is mounted.
    Works 85% of the time on first try. If it doesn't, I usually have not got my boat directly into the wind because I was being lazy. I guess that means I'm lazy about 15% of the time, which is about how often I drag my butt off the boat after an adrenaline run and I am whipped - at least that's my excuse.

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  • http://owners.aquarius-sa…topic.php?t=170&start=15
    I do it as pictured in the link. I have to be DEAD into the wind.I have to rotate the mast track hard to port to unhook. My hook is on the port side. It can still be a pain.

    Scroll down to the 5th post on the second page.

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  • Thx for all your feedback everyone. Glad to see this is a common problem. I emailed Nacra and they designed it to use the Halyard ring with a welded shackle on it, eylete in center with a 8 knot facing the mast slot. Can’t get to the boat for a few weeks but will give it go then. Thank you again everyone!

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