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Trailer Hitch Ball Mount Height on a 2010+ 4Runner?  Bottom

  • I know we have a lot of 4Runner owners, I've just joined the group and need to buy a ball mount.

    Trying to figure out if I need drop and how much. I don't have the boat and trailer here to check the tongue height, it has pretty standard twelve inch wheels and trailer leaf springs.

    The center of the receiver with no load is 20 inches and the diameter of a standard 4.80-12 tire is about 20.5 inches and I think the top of the tire (under the fender) is just about even with the top of the trailer frame.

    Anyone know the height of their trailer frame (with twelve inch wheels) when it is level?

    I may be lost in the math but it seems like I need no drop or just minimal.

    Final jeopardy question! Anyone use aluminum ball mounts? Would like to get away from the rust, any downside besides costing more?


    Damon Linkous
    1992 Hobie 18
    Memphis, TN

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  • Damon, I use the aluminum ball mounts and have had not one issue. Yes, a bit pricey, but it always looks good, instead of the rusty steel or chrome plated, that rubs off shortly after first use.
    Can't help on the trailer height as mine has 8" wheels. I can measure it and have you do the math if you want.
    Sorry about the Nissan, but I owned 2 different 4 Runners and had great luck. Good choice on your part. My son inherited the 1st one at 105,000 miles and put another 150,000 on it before he moved to a pickup. Got him to Alaska and beyond.

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  • abt a 3 inch drop...
  • My Steelco-Sportsman trailer has 4.80-12 tires, too, and it sits level and rides well on my draw bar which is at the perfect height to smash my upper shin every single time that I walk any where near it! (Of course that would be much closer to the ankle for you!)

    Kidding aside, the top of the bar where the ball is mounted is right at 16" above ground level on my unloaded F150. An inch taller would probably be okay for my set-up, but not much more than that.

    I have a 2" x 2" receiver and have been using a lockable, billet aluminum DT draw bar with 2" drop forever (love it!). Mine doesn't have rattle pins, but it never rattles like my old, cheap steel one did. It looks like and has the same specs as this one:
    Best part is that mine was free.....a friend won it as a door prize at a company gathering.....didn't need it so he gave it to me.

    As I understand it, drop is measured from the top of the receiver opening to the top of the bar/bottom of the ball. That means you need a 4" or 5" drop if your trailer sits like mine. To be sure, you really need to measure the height of your receiver (loaded) and tongue (level).

    So, Alex, my final jeopardy answer is "What are Yes and No?"

    Hope this helps....see ya' soon, brother!

    Jerome Vaughan
    Hobie 16
    Clinton, Mississippi
  • Try Harbor Freight;


    They have a verity of hitch's some are adjustable. A lot less expensive.

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    Jeff O
    solcat 18(sold),
    Camarillo CA
  • screw HF
    they sell 3rd rate crap
    i would never use any of their products in a critical system

    I see this is a name brand product but i still wouldn't trust them (oh wait Haul Master IS Harbor Freight)

    i was TOLD they purchase products that don't pass all the regular quality checks - not sure if true but very believable


    Harbor Freight Haul Master Motorcycle Carrier
    "Pros: Very low price, almost half of competitive hitch haulers, The mounting points and design are spot on.
    Cons:The unit flexes and sways even with a 250-pound bike attached.
    The quality of the aluminum extrusion holding the carrier together is poor.
    You are getting what you pay for."
  • DamonLinkousAnyone know the height of their trailer frame (with twelve inch wheels) when it is level?

    The center of my ball is 16 inches off the ground when the trailer is level.
    Zeiman trailer, 12" wheels.

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  • Hi! I'm looking for hitch and good tow products I should take note of. I noticed Steelco-Sportsman trailer has been mentioned, how was it? I'm currently looking at blue ox tow bar but I'm also open for other recommendations.
  • I have an adjustable height hitch. It uses a socket wrench to adjust the height. I think it's Master Lock brand.
    It has served me well for a number of tow vehicles and trailers.
    I'll try to find more details.
    Appears to have been discontinued.

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    1983 SuperCat 15
  • For my 4Runner I ended up buying this solid aluminum ball mount from Softride

    I clamps tight and absolutely no rattle and no rust, two things that always irritated me about hitches. Also got a stainless steel ball to complete the no-rust package.

    Expensive though, I lucked out last year and found it on Amazon for only $64, not too bad considering it came with a lock, apparently not available now.


    Damon Linkous
    1992 Hobie 18
    Memphis, TN

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