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Supercat 20 tall rig  Bottom

  • Just a note to all the Supercat folks that we have a supercat 38.5 ft mast and, rigging and sails listed in the catamaran parts section for sale. All in excellent condition. For anyone wanting to upgrade, building a project boat or even has an ARC 22 and wants a spare. Aquarius is no longer offering the aluminum mast for the ARC 22 even as a replacement in any way. Your only choice now is an $11,000 or so carbon mast.
  • That's a tough problem. Even the beastly Nacra F20FCS is running a 34.3' tall carbon rig; probably a better option than the Aquarius carbon mast for a lot of boats, even the ARC22 as its likely a bit more efficient (its a wing mast and very very powerful, you are flying a hull upwind in about 5 kts of breeze on the 10' wide F20c).
  • This is an aluminum stick and sails. Obviously there is more modern stuff out there now, but the price point of carbon fiber is still keeping some at bay. Especially when repairing or retro-fitting an older boat. icon_smile
  • Yep I'm aware. My point is their are alternative to the $11,000 carbon mast aquarius offers; none are as good a price as your aluminum mast, but the dollar is strong against the Euro and AUD right now. Probably not when the mast breaks however!

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