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stuck in wings- How to get out?  Bottom

  • I have came across a boat with the wings completely stuck in the sockets. I think it was left on the beach for quite the while. I want to get the wings out. I have read the recent post about getting them in and out but this boat is way past that. Should I just get the sawzall out and surgically remove? One hull is good so I would like to not cut it. Can I get a pressure spray bottle, turn the hull upsidedown and work the sand out. Any suggestions? Come on People...
  • HMMMMM !!! I also have a 17Hobie, when I take mine out I use a rubber mallet, & whack each side a little at a time.....try using WD-40 down the sockets~~ lots of it & just keep workin at it. You might need a heavier hammer, if ya do use a piece of wood(2x4) to help ''cushin'' it... I'm not sure what the others said what to do on the other post's....but give it yer best shot~ Good Luck icon_confused

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