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Rebuild This End Up, Part III  Bottom

  • Have started the sanding process on the hulls, but have a long way to go with that part of the project. I'm sanding the old one part urethane using a random orbit sander and 120 grit. I also plan to sand off the imprinted deck surfaces so that I can get a good bond for the new epoxy primer and to take care of some surface defects. When all of that prep work is completed the plan is to use Interlux Perfection paint on the hulls. I'm looking forward to having a very high gloss finish that is very hard.

    Just picked up some 80 garnet blasting media and will test the basic sandblaster I have. May not have anything useful to report for a while, those two rafts in the background are heading for a river next week and the attention needs to go back to them. Not to mention my arms need to recuperate after that sanding extravaganza.


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  • Really enjoying your rebuild posts and videos. If I can make one small suggestion: I think for future viewers it would be be easiest to follow your progress if you keep everything in a single (long) thread/topic, though. Great stuff!!
  • The Interlux Perfection with a roll and tip comes out real nice...

    I used the Matterhorn White on carbon fiber mast... looked sharp!!!

    John Schwartz
    Ventura, CA
  • dmgbear55,

    For the crack filling issues, you should consider this:
    Cures in 5 min in good sunlight- harder than anything else on your boat.
    It is Vinyl Ester Epoxy, fiber reinforced with both glass and ceramic fibers resin.
    Great to work with- I perfected my rudders and centerboards in a day with this stuff.
    Watch the surfboard repair vids to see how it works.

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