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New Boat - What to look for?  Bottom

  • I've decided, I'm getting a Hobie 18, picking it up this weekend.
    Any advice on what to look for when inspecting a used cat? I haven't seen it in person yet, but the pics are very thorough and everything apears to be in good order.
    Any recomendations on what to be weary of?
    Specific soft spots on H-18's? Usual wear spots? Testing tramp strength? Assesing Sail quality?
  • Check the top of the hulls to make sure they are not soft. If they are, run away. Look at the bottom of the hulls and make sure they are not thin. Look at all of the cables (standing rigging, alyards, etc). If there are any broken strands they will need to be replaced. Your probably looking at $200-$300 to replace the standing rigging. Lay the sails out flat on some grass and just take a good hard look at them on both sides. If it's your first boat, just make sure they are in tact and that all of the battons are in the main sail. Have the seller rig it for you to make sure that all of the lines and hardware are there before you buy it.
  • thanks for the advice. I bought the boat, 1982 Hobie 18. It is beautiful, no problems at all. I'm the third owner, and it spent half of its life in storage. I'll have some pics up next week

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