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Cock Island Race - Portsmouth June 20, 2015  Bottom

  • For the past 27 years the Cock Island Race has been strictly for monohulls. Well, they are finally adding a multihull class to their lineup on June 20th. The race starts at Portside in Portsmouth, VA on the Elizabeth River. The race course goes down the Elizabethh River toward Hampton Roads Harbor and back. This race has a great social event on Friday prior to the event and the bigger social party Saturday after the race. For more information go to www.portsmouthboatclub.org for Notice of Race. Let me know if you have questions about the race. Kevin

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  • That is really great news dear and I will definitely check the link. So, thank you so much for sharing it here. Anyway I am an and looking for some good locations to plan my next event. Can you help me please?
  • That’s sounds great! I have heard a lot about this event and it was my desire to attend this with my friends but I couldn’t make it this year. Anyway, thanks for the information. But I have just got the opportunity to attend such a fun event at the. I’ll definitely attend this show!!
  • Damon, both the above replies to this thread look suspicious...trolls, spam, malicious?

    I would strongly advise all against clicking on the highlighted links in the above two posts.

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  • Edchris177Damon, both the above replies to this thread look suspicious..

    Thanks Ed, yes those both appear to be the work of "link spammers" . I've removed the links and locked the accounts.

    These "drive by spammers" are hard to stop because they are done by actual people (using automation tools) and not bots. They come from companies who advertise "SEO services" (Search Engine Optimization). Legit companies are naive enough to pay these sleazebags to create thousands of new backlinks in an effort to increase their companies listing position in Google.

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