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Florida Sea Turtle nesting Ordinances  Bottom

  • I am hearing rumors that some Florida counties are making a move to not allow boats to be left on the beach in an effort to assist sea turtle nesting. Anyone else heard this? This could be life changing for many of us
  • Jalex,

    Several counties in the panhandle have been doing this for a decade, give or take a few years. The intent is no boats overnight, typically during nesting season, or near nesting sights (which is a limited time). Simple solution is to stay in contact with the county sheriff's office. I strongly encourage this. When/if I plan on leaving the boat on the beach overnight, they already know about. You can count on property owners and activists calling the sheriff. They get the call, I've already notified them, problem defused before it happens.

    I keep their business cards with me, and I leave them my cellphone number. They are more than willing to review the regulations within their jurisdiction, and to help you.

    Be polite and professional, and help preserve the limited beach access that still exist.

  • there are few public beaches in florida you can still leave a boat overnight.

    besides the turtle huggers (jk, i love the wildlife here) we are losing them to increasingly invasive condos and tourist interest ...

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