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RADICAL 40' trimaran on ebay, GIVEAWAY SALE!!  Bottom

  • I painted my self into a corner and decided to unload my Condor 40 for a song!!! at 28' beam she is incredible boat to sail. I will even take your beach cat in trade. This IS THE BEST DEAL in the US! there is also a video on you tube under Condor trimaran partnership. Someone is going to get a great deal
  • Before I owned the Condor I owned a Prindle 18, Supercat 20, Stiletto 23, Nacra 36, Crowther 38 Shockwave and a Formula 40, this Condor 40 hull #3 (that is important) is the most fun bang for the buck I have ever owned. She has been well taken care of and imagine sailing off in a real machine for a little over $40k with charts and almost $20k worth of sails,plus new rigging etc,etc. I just burned out and need to take a year off. Ck it out< ON EBAY>

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  • Your price is very good & I hope you sell it. But in my opinion big cats or tris are too much work (& expence) and crew or guests don't really appreciate it. Campaigned a Stiletto 27 for 5 years, but really love my Tornado now. Sail (race) it 5 days out of 7 now and it doesn't get any better. Pete
  • Looks like a boat broker looking for a cheap/free ad/exposure for his listings. Same guy has 2 boats listed on ebay, same sob story on both boats lives 3000 miles from either, put tons of money in each and is dumping cheap...................yea right..................

    anyone notice these are his first and second posts on beachcats. caveat emptor

    'life is too short to drink cheap beer'
  • The guy is legit, not a boat broker but owns 1 too many boats like several of us have gotten stuck with in beach cat world. The market is really soft and it's still a 80's boat. I haven't taken a look at it myself, I'm sure it's in good condition but I'd definitely be checking it over with a fine tooth comb. Also, one should be well aware of what it costs to keep a 40 footer going, the $43K is the cheap part.

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