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Prindle 18-2 Port Hull Damage, Need Repair Advice  Bottom

  • I am in need of suggestions on what I should do to repair the hull damage shown in the pictures. The gash was caused by my trailer in transport. It looks like the fiberglass mat may be cut, I am not sure if it is partial or the entire layer cut through. I do not know if the trailer support punctured through the hull the whole way. The damage is located on the port hull under the front crossbeam section. The damage is approximately 1 inch in length.

    What should I do to properly repair the hull? Sand and use epoxy putty to fill, seal, and smooth out the small damage area? Or should I sand and use fiberglass mat? I have not done fiberglass work before, and in both cases need to be pointed to a set of repair instructions. How big of an area would I need to clear to make a proper repair? Thank you for your help! Want to get back on the water ASAP.

    http://www.freeimagehosting.net/newuploads/6855n.jpg http://www.freeimagehosting.net/newuploads/72hel.jpg http://www.freeimagehosting.net/newuploads/w89bf.jpg

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  • It's very small damage. Tape off surounding good area (to limit your scuffing). Scuff (sand) damage & fill with epoxy with microballoons (if you already have it), marine tex, or Bondo. Sand & chi chi with white spray can---sail. Pete
  • As Pete said, easy fix. To make it super strong, cut out a piece from a plastic juice jug, punch a small hole& run a bit of fishline through. slide 2 or 3 layers of fibreglass cloth down the fishline onto the plastic. Wet them out with resin, then tip it sideways & slide it through the hole, gently pry the hole open a bit if you have to. Pull the line tight, this will pull the patch against the inside of the hull, the plastic piece will hold it in place.
    Once it sets up, you have backing, finish as Pete says. More time will be spent getting organized than the actual fix. Once you have the materials, it will be done in an hour.
    Here is how i patched a similar hole in my Nacra. I used SS wire in that fix, but would use line instead.
    The fiberglass work is really easy in this case. Just Google West Epoxy system, & do a bit of reading on how to go about the actual resin/cloth bit. Don't get hung up on buying measuring pumps, you can easily mix it in a small plastic container, (yoghurt cup etc) & count "drops" of hardener. Measuring resin accurately is essential. Use a small clear plastic container, measure water with a syringe por any other means of accurately measuring 1/2 to 1oz increments, then make a pencil or marker line on the outside of the container. Now you can accurately pour a known amount, & add the proper hardener.
    If you can't beg, borrow or steal a small amount of additive,(micro fibers) PM me. You only need a little bit for that fix. I can mail you some for the cost of postage...but I'm not sure if the US Postal system(I'm in Canada) will send the CIA after me for mailing what looks like white powder icon_mad
    I have used 3M Bondo with good results. Some say it isn't waterproof, I disagree. I left a 6"x6" piece in the lake over winter, it didn't show much weight gain when measured on a scale that goes to 100ths of a gram.

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  • Doesn't look like it went all the way through from the photos. You might can carefully probe with a small pin or wire to see if it goes all the way through. If not then what Pete said.

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  • Thank you for the great advice everyone. I am going to work on the repair this week. I was too busy building a new cat box last weekend to attempt the repair.

    Prindle 18-2 1988
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  • I an big a fan of West System and it's equivalents. Epoxy, however does not withstand exposure to the sun very well.
    It is also dis inclined to accept gel coat. That being said, I suggest laminating with polyester resin tinted to match and then gel coating. GH
    p.s. Think about padding that trailer post.

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