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Mast up storage for 1 week in AMI/Holmes Beach?  Bottom

  • Heading down to AMI for a week in August - had planned on trailering in and out during the week but obviously mast-up would be preferable. Is there somewhere on the island that offers weekly storage rates?

    Thanks, Rex
  • AMI?

    G-Cat 5.0
  • Anna Maria Island - just off Sarasota/Bradenton.
  • Just down the beach from the sand bar North end there are several apparently abandoned boats. Check with your landlord, if you have beach access. Sorry not to be of more help. PS I love AMI. Richard

    Lake Perry KS
    N-5.5 UNI +spin
  • The Anna Maria Island government seems to be removing boats that are left on the beach overnight. I am on the island about twice a week and I recently talked to a resident who was disassembling a H14 on the beach so he could bring it back to his home piece by piece after a day of sailing. He told me that his H14 had previously been taken to the police station when he left it on the beach overnight. I used to keep a Wave by the Sandbar restaurant years ago but now there are no more cats there and a new home has been built where they were kept. AMI is a spectacular place but I would not feel comfortable keeping a cat on the beach overnight unless it was on private property. This is one reason I am windsurfing these days instead. A bit further South, Siesta Key has many beach cats that are stored on the beach. Good luck and enjoy your vacation. By the way, if you end up wanting to buy property here, let me know, my wife is a wonderful realtor.
  • my friend has left his cat on the beach at Long Boat Key (just south of AMI) for the past 10 years for a week while he uses his time share. May be worht contacing the local PD there and see if you can do the same...
  • Thanks for the replies. I'm just going to trek it down there and see what happens. We're meeting another family down there and my temporary crew is pretty burly so even if we have to rig it a couple of times it won't be the end of the world.

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