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My P18-2 ( or how long can a post be )  Bottom

  • Hi ,
    Bought a P18-2 January 2010, and as many of you suggested,
    Sailed the crap out of it the first season.

    Spring 2011 we hit a UFO, and were sinking,sinking here's a pic.

    So, decided to do a hull restoration and went to the resin-shop.
    They are very experienced in polyester boat repairs and told me
    as long I was working in open air I'd better use polyester resin
    instead of epoxy. Due to better "bonding" to an original polyester

    First I sanded the bottoms down till you could see the fiber at
    some places.
    Next I put 3 layers of glass-mat band on the bottom;
    1 of a meter (3 feet) in front of the daggerboard-cases.
    1 of 2,5 meter ( 8 feet ) in the mid section of the hull
    1 layer from stern to bow .
    The width increased from layer to layer from 5 cm (2 inch) to
    11 cm ( 5 inch ) .
    Next was fairing, sanded down the glass-mat on the sides of
    the hull till it was reasonably fair.
    The resin-shop suggested " top-coat" as the next layer, it's a
    yogurt-like polyester resin witch can be sanded within 24 hrs
    and is really hard.
    Did put 12 !! layers of that stuff on the bottom.

    Since my hard labour became sort of therapeutic ( you sometimes
    get mad with cats) I decided I was a pro sander and do the
    complete hull with a new paint-job.
    So sanded the hulls completely

    Next was paint, when the weather went bad! So I hired a shed
    for a week .

    3 layers of polyurethane paint , rockbottom hard, that's what
    I managed in one week.
    Back at the marina, the build goes on.
    new portholes.Anti-slip paint on the decks and anti- slip
    tape on the sides.

    New stickers... What's the first word you thought when you
    sailed a catamaran, Dad ? AAAAAH ! Son !

    Went to France (1100 Km) last summer for a holiday
    Where we were welcomed by a local cat-school.

    Did some fun stuffhttp://www.youtube.com/wa…ext=G29811ceAUAAAAAAAAAA

    and are now training for Round Texel.

    See, only 2 years into cat-business, there's hope.

    Regards, André

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    Tornado (80's Reg White)
    Prindle 18-2 (sold)
    Dart 16 (hired and hooked)
    13 mtr steel cutter (sold)
    Etap 22, unsinkable sailing pocket cruiser.

    Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • lookin good! you did in a week what many set out to do and likely never complete. hail
  • André
    You so rock!
    The longest, most interesting post I've seen in a while, with great pictures and a video to top it all off!

    AND you are (not so)Solo!
    There is hope!
    Sheet In!

    Sheet In!
    Prindle 18-2 #244 "Wakizashi"
    Prindle 16 #3690 "Pegasus" Sold (sigh)
    AZ Multihull Fleet 42 member
    (Way) Past Commodore of Prindle Fleet 14
    Arizona, USA

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