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P16 Hull Delam Repair and Keel Reinforcement  Bottom

  • I have a mid 80's P16 that I want to fix up this spring when I get home from Germany, it has a couple small soft spots on the deck in the normal areas but they are still small and will be easy to fix. The spot that is looking to be a royal pain is going to be the delam on the inside of the port hull just under and forward of the front beam. It is a section about 2.5-3 feet long and about 16-8 inches tall at the largest points. My basic plan to repair it is with epoxy injection, but I have been thinking about how to clamp the hull together in the area where I am going to make the repair.

    I have thought of using scuba diving weights placed on the effected area, but my fear with that is the further damaging of the hull from a large amount of weight on the repair area before the epoxy cures.

    My other idea I got from reading a couple threads on here, I just forgot which one, it is to use screws with some kind of backer inside the hull and then a thin piece of soft wood on the outside of the hull to spread the clamping pressure without distorting the shape of the hull too much.

    The keels om the hulls have the usual scrapes and abrasion you could expect from being dragged over the beach several times a season. So last year I did a quick repair to them with some epoxy and fiberglass tape, it was fine to get it through the season without any more damage to the hulls but I want to do something a bit better for a more permanent repair. I was thinking of sanding off the epoxy and glass I put on last year and then getting some either 4 or 6 inch wide Kevlar tape and running a strip from the lower bow to just before the stern to reinforce the keel against the abrasion of beaching and if the boat needs to be dragged up the sand a bit to get the cat-tracks under it. (I haven't decided on whether to use the 4 or 6 inch tape because right now I am sitting in my dorm in Germany and cannot go out and measure my boat right now.)

    Also the mast was bent by a previous owner and they repaired it by bending it back and taking pieces of alum. plate and bolting it to the sides of the mast with two bolts. I was thinking about maybe cutting out the damaged area of the mast and then possibly machine a piece of Aluminum tubing to go inside the mast and make some fitted Alum. pieces to go in the outside of the mast. I realize that buying a used mast would be the best and easiest option but I have not had much luck locating a used mast in my area thus far so I figured that I should come up with a "plan B" so to say.

    Any advice you guys (and gals) can give me to help with the repairs and restoration of the boat would be a great help.
    Brian prost

    Lake Wylie, SC
  • Should be able to find a P16 mast cheap enough to be not worth the hassle of what you are suggesting. maybe even keep your eyes open for an entire boat that is going cheap. Even if it is missing parts or in poor shape you may pick up enough spares to be worth it. You might could even take care of your hull problem this way.

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  • Have mast $200 & can ship (in April) for $115. After injecting hull side, use several (many) hull tie downs around hull to bond again. Pete 909-800-5237
  • pbegle, where are you located? I'm in SC but I got down to FL regularly to go diving and occasionally I head up towards the Outer Banks area of NC.

    Lake Wylie, SC
  • as far as the keels, there is no permanent solution if it hits the beach regularly...the beach is 40 grit paper constantly. i would just sand her back with some 80 grit and add another layer of glass and fare out with a coat of resin with coloidal silica...you can do this whenever it starts getting thin.http://www.thebeachcats.com/gallery2/main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=79174&g2_

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  • Briang701, Am in Big Bear Lake, Ca & will ship out of San Diego. You will have to pick up with your trailer in Columbia or major city near you. Pete
  • I have an extra mast. I'm in south Texas so if it helps let me know. I am going to Marine Tex my keels as soon as it warms up a bit, I will let you know how it works.

    Mike Brady
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