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  • Needing info for open class race 14 / 16/17 foot hobie & Getaways
    We race several times but need a simple way to handicap the boat either
    by crew or time %
    We are in it for recreational fun but still would like to keep it fair
    Sunset Cove Beach Lake Huron Ontario
  • Have everyone keep their elapsed time and score on corrected time finish. Corrected Time = Elapsed Time/D-PN.

    For the D-PNs look here:


    If the H16 crew weight is < 0.7*280 lbs, multiply it's D-PN by 0.97. If the 17 driver is at least 160 lbs., he's good. There's no relief for overweight, and no minimum crew/weight for the 14 or Getaway.

    Jerome Vaughan
    Hobie 16
    Clinton, Mississippi
  • jerome - may be a silly question but for arguments sake, in an effort to lobby some of the gya regattas here on the coast to give beachcats their own starts and make it simple for the scoring; how do the charts translate to phrf.

    thanks, Bo
  • jesailjerome - may be a silly question but for arguments sake, in an effort to lobby some of the gya regattas here on the coast to give beachcats their own starts and make it simple for the scoring; how do the charts translate to phrf.

    thanks, Bo

    Not silly, this comes up all the time. Just have to remember that PHRF numbers are completely local to your area PHRF committee, there are no national standard numbers. With that said, US Sailing does have this statement on their site.

    "Relationship of DPN To PHRF

    The US SAILING Portsmouth Committee has determined that generally:

    Along with a chart comparing D-PN's to PHRF numbers.

    Using that chart, since the standard D-PN for the Hobie 16 is 76 that equals a PHRF rating of 126.

    PHRF ratings are extremely political, if the committee is willing to issue a number for your boat (ratings are per specific boat, not boat type) then the 126 would be a starting point.

    Sorry Jerome, just happened to be reading the US Sailing site when I noticed this question.

    Good Luck,

    Damon Linkous
    1992 Hobie 18
    Memphis, TN

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  • Ive read that PHRF ratings do not translate all that well to DPN. In the past discussions it sounded like more of a headache than you could convince the clubs to take on.

    Greenville SC

    Offering sails and other go fast parts for A-class catamarans
  • damon - thanks for the answer. your information is exactly what i was looking for. I have been actively racing sailboats for the past 20 years, having owned several hobies and many different monohulls, my last being a melges 24. i just love to sail fast and compete and have done the traveling circuit for years. now having moved back to the coast, i see so many ways to promote the sport and get people involved, as we all know the sport of sailing has been on the decline for years. i know all the politics that you mention, but then you see GYA post their regatta schedule last week and very few of the those regattas are open to multihulls / cats. i would think, excluding the politics, that if we could find a way to have these regattas incorperate cats into the regatta schedules, than the overall participation would at a minimum increase by 10 boats per regatta. Just give the catamarans their own start and have them sail the same course as other boats, and let the scoring / handicapping take place like any other phrf regatta. the goal here is more boats on the water equals more people enjoying sailing. Just think OSYC has 25+ cats, sitting on the beach, SRYC has 11, BYC has 5 or 6 on trailers. of course all these do not actively race, and i am sure other clubs along the coast all have cats sitting waiting to be sailed. but the the GYA will host numerous regatta s this year at the same clubs and only have 10 - 15 monohulls participate, and then wonder why participation levels continue to drop off. i am probably beating a dead horse, i would just like to see more venues to participate in.

    how do we bridge the gap and do we have the energy to do that or just accept it as GYA has always operated that way.

    bo ethridge
    biloxi, ms
  • Bo - that horse is way past dead
    pcyc has round the cat
    Gulfport yc has race for the case but not many cats
    sryc has maybe one racer
    OSYC is the place but out of those 25+ boats on the beach, only about 5 race

    Most cat sailors are not members of YCs or GYA clubs.

    Nacra F18
    Reservoir Sailing Assn.
    Brandon, Mississippi

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