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  • The 2009 Alter Cup is going on now in Clearwater Florida, being sailed this year on Viper F16's.

    Our member Philip Mumm is on the scene as the photographer and is uploading pictures from the scene. He's already placed over 300 pics in the Alter Cup Regatta folders here.

    Anybody reading this from the regatta? Let's hear your impressions of the event.

    Andrew, this is in your neck of the woods isn't it?


  • yes, this is my back yard.

    I was at Robbie Daniels house the other night as they were preparing the F16's... HOT LITTLE RIDES!!!!

    i drove down to watch for a few minutes yesterday.. it is about 10 minutes from my office. The race is just off Sand Key (directly next to Clearwater beach) and the cats can be seen all up and down Clearwater and Sand Key

    i hope to do the same today.. and i was all about to take some pics... but no need now :)

    Philip has been giving on the water reports on the "other site" and they have been great.

    my impressions... great even, super location, stellar weather (although 20-35 knots made it tough to practice), fantastic racers, and unfortuantly... little or no attention for/from the public. there is a banner up at the Sand Key Park but that is the only thing i have heard or seen to advertise the event. I was at the Sheridan pool yesterday watching,, and no one could have cared less... granted it was day 3 and i was not on the beach.. but the public i saw didn't care at all
  • Day 4 photos are up. I have created a folder for the start sequence of the final race. Check out Spina/Livingston going for broke on Port. It was crazy exciting.

    I have also created a folder for the finish sequence of the final race. Top three approaching the finish line were Tomko, Casey, and Spina. JC was leward and ahead and tacked to starboard to set up and protect finish at the pin. Tomko's laying the pin on port and Spina (on port) was close behind Tomko. As all 3 converged on the finish, it got interesting and fast. JC now on starboard is laying the pin at speed. Tomko pirouettes in front of JC. Spina ducks JC and speeds in above JC on starboard and with much more speed than JC, because JC has to slow down behind Tomko. In the excitement Spina almost picks off JC, finishing 4 ft behind JC. Try to imagine the sequence playing out at speed, and with the added yelling. In the last image you see Livingston watching from the leward side. Damn, it was friggin' awesome. It just doesn't get any better then this!

    Album Race Day 4 includes the awards ceremony and also pictures of the youth competitors as well as the female competitors. More to come . . .


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