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  • Hi, i'am wondering if there is a preset length for trap wires i have a SolCat 18.And i don't have any trap wires to go off.Can i measure from the mast tang down to a certain point.Any help please.
  • Measure your shroud line and subtract 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 feet, should be close. Better to short than to long. If you are going to use any on the fly trap adjustment blocks you need to allow for the length of those blocks. Remember that as you move to the front the line will get closer to the deck.
    Murrays has them. Singlehttp://www.murrays.com/mm…Code=C-R-R&Store_Code=MS
    double http://www.murrays.com/mm…Code=C-R-R&Store_Code=MS

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  • Hey Brjonair the length of the trap wire is 20'3" from end to end. Mine also a swedge 17" from one of the ends with a T handle on top. Hope this makes sense. Not sure about the terminology. Still new to this...

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