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Shroud Tension  Bottom

  • Guys,

    I am rigging up my Hobie 14 for the first time. How much shroud tension should I be running or what is too little? Right now I have about an inch of play on each shroud and the last thing I want to do is demast on my first sail.

  • The shroud tension will depend on the conditions. More wind requires more mast rake and more shroud tension.
  • Is there a giveaway for when the shrouds have streched to the point where they should be replaced?
  • generally they don't stretch but break, so any broken strands replace the shroud

    when they fail big time it is often due to corrosion down in the fitting so have a good look in there for any white furry stuff

    many say to replace the shrouds every year or 2

    a lot will depend on where you are sailing, light winds in a small lake that would seem overkill

    big winds and crossing out to an outshore island with 20 year old rigging probably a very bad idea

    think also that the hobie 14 used to race with really loose shrouds, so loose the mast would threaten to come off unless it was tied down

    hobie14 a strange little beast, might be best to find out more about it on a hobie specific forum

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