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  • is there any one sailing to catalina out of long beach area?
    looking to sail across again but can't find anyone in my area (fresno) who wants to go. thanks bruce
  • I am itching to get across the channel on my cat.
  • Bruce, Myself and another guy are definitly in!!

    Fresno also! But, we need some preparation! Will be a few weeks at least before we can get out! What is your schedule?
  • my boat is currently land locked too. hoping to get it to marina del ray mast up october. will be in LA at least by then. Don't know the most effective crossing techniques, been over in an ericson 26' but not a cat. i was thinking of getting a radio. does anyone already have one?
  • We just did a two harbors run a few weeks ago ... launching from cabrillo beach ! check out the yahoo groups web site ..... post an inquiry there ...... that is the web site that all the trips usually get started from !!

  • Thanks Mark, I am just hoping to hook up with some folks who have experience making this run!
  • Beach Cat Owners. I called Catalina today and talked to a Samantha. Christine, who used to work at the visitor's center at Two Harbors is no longer there. Samantha has a boss above her, but don't remember her name.

    Ok, for those wanting to go to Catalina.....

    Samantha, 2nd postion, has a boss above her....said that they do still allow beach cat camping on the shore. What I mean is you can pull you cat onto the beach and keep it there. The only beach they allow this on is the 3rd strech of beach, from the pier...You can see this on Google Earth pretty easily.
    They do allow camp stoves.
    They do not allow camp fires.
    You can use the porta pottys in the camp ground, or can go into town and use the public restroom.
    You must sleep on your boat. Bag or tent needs to be on the tramp.
    After you park on the beach, you need to go to visitor services on the pier and pay for your camping.
    It does sound like you said, that this arrangement is under the title of "favor" to us beachcat guys and we need to make sure that no one abuses it or we would lose it.
    I asked her about other beaches on the island to camp on. She was not sure, but was thinking that the Two Harbors area was the only area of the island that would accept the beach cats.
    My guess is that the other locations on the island you may be able to anchor your boat off shore...I don't know about the cost of this and where you can and can't do it.

    There are 9 other locations that allow "Boat-In Camping." I have a call into a Paul (found his name on the www.visitcatalingisland.com web site. I'll let y'all (a "Sailing Texas" term) know what I find out, when I find it out!

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  • Hey guys, I'm in Bakersfield and am also itching to sail to Catalina. When you guys thinking of going? I have a Hobie 18 Magnum w/ spinnaker and have sailed it to Anacapa on several occations but not yet to Catalina. Cabrillo Beach is definately the preferred launch point. Minimum safety gear would be a VHF handheld radio (water resistant or in a waterproof bag), flares or other signaling device, waterproof flashlight. Safety in numbers!

  • Kinda down for repairs....and I am not sure I want to sail across in a 8mm thick "hood attached" diving suit....will keep all posted on any Catalina trip...way ahead of time...so we can get a "flotilla" going there.

    ...sides...I need to replace all cables on the boat!

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