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Cultural Exchange to Cuba, beach cats to Cuba Mid Nov 2010  Bottom

    Key West to Cuba and BACK
    NOVEMBER 12 ? 15, 2010
    190 miles of Open Ocean Sailing in two Legs
    The CUBA RUN will be THE FIRST open ocean beach catamaran sail to Cuba
    and back. This is Open Ocean sailing its best. In its Inaugural year,
    it is expected to attract world class teams from around the USA and
    As Cuba is still off limits and has restrictions to free travel and
    other limitations for all USA Citizens, the US Treasury has made
    available a way to travel to Cuba on a Cultural Exchange mission such
    as this event.
    Individual team members and boats will need US Treasury Travel
    documentation. No team member or support staff will be allowed to
    participate in this Cultural Exchange event without the approved
    documentation from the US Treasury. See event rules for further
    information on obtaining this documentation.
    The USA start and finish line will be in Key West at the White Street
    Pier. The sail to Cuba will be approx. 95 nautical miles across the
    Florida Straights and will finish at the sea buoy marking the entrance
    to the Hemingway Marina. The fleet will sail into the Hemingway Marina
    and clear Cuban Customs and Immigration prior to pulling the boats
    out of the water. for the enrire articel and much more please go to groups.google.com/group/the-cuba-run and join up
  • As soon as the stealers give the land and farms back to their rightful owners and release their political prisoners... count me in. Before then... never. I am sure no one would mind if their beach cats were attached by the cuban government and then handed an inner tube.

  • I am just a little concerned with 190 miles ocean going event... especially run by someone named "JAWS"
  • What it there to be concerned about? The Cubans make it here crossing the Florida Straights on a few inner tubes and some styrafoam with twine holding it all together. You would not believe what has washed up on our shores in South Florida in the recent past, that people have crossed on and lived. Mind you, not all make it.

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