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Storing and transporting beach wheels  Bottom

  • I just got my boat and I was given a set of beach wheels with it, I'd like to figure out how to put them on the trailer with the boat instead of in teh back of the truck. If anyone has any good ways they've figured out that would help me out greatly, pics would be awesome.
  • U Bolts over the axle and the "Y" part of the trailer and it won't take any longer than tieing them on and a lot more secure.
  • lots of people put them ontop their bows during transit.
    I tie mine down accross my trailer (next to the sailbox)
  • How and when do you use them?
  • beach wheels are used to move your cat from the beach into the water. this way you don't have to back your trailer into the water.

    they also save the bottoms of your cat from needing a bottom job by not pulling your cat up the beach when you park (you anchor and then get your wheels)


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  • Andys 'LAND CAT'~~~~~ does it have a steerin wheel ? I don't see one... icon_biggrin

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  • No, you just drag your feet to steer..


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