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CRAW Madtown Throwdown, Madison WI eid# 959

August 31, 2019
All day event


Schedule Saturday
8:00 am
On Site Registration
9:15 am
Skipper's Meeting 
10:30 am
First Flag (2 or 3 races)
12:30 pm
Lunch (BYO) - at Race Committee's discretion
2:00 pm
(or 1 hour after last boat lands before lunch) First Flag (2 or 3 races)
6:00 pm

9:15 am
Skipper's Meeting
10:00 am
White Flag (2 races)
2:30 pm
Awards Ceremony

Singlehanded registration online
Doublehanded registration online
Extra for onsite registration


Racing will take place on Lake Mendota out of Burrows Park.

Cars can pull onto the grassy area to un-hook trailers, but should then be parked in the lot. We need to share the park space, so please be respectful of other's access. There is a track system on the right side of the park facing the lake that is used to shuttle scows from the lake into dry dock. It would be best for us to keep our equipment closer to this side of the park to be as unobtrusive as possible. Daytime arrival to the park is preferred, to be considerate of neighbors, but night time arrival is acceptable. Again, please be courteous. (We’ve been operating out of this park for years without permit requirements, and we’d very much like to avoid any trouble that could change that. Thanks, in advance, for your cooperation).

We will not come off the water for lunch, so plan accordingly. Food/fluid bags can be left on committee boat for retrieval on the water.

Dinner/Party Saturday night will be at Daniel's house (919 Spaight St.) Indoor camping is available at Daniel's office (1850 Hoffman St.) -- sleeping indoors on carpeted floors with kitchen and showers available. RV's welcome there with limited access to electrical hookup.

Your regatta fee $65 (double-handed) includes 2 dinners; $50 (single-handed) includes one dinner. Extra meals $15. BYO beer, wine and mixers.


Burrows Park
25 Burrows Rd
Madison WI, 

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