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PBYC - Milt Ingram Trophy Race, Ventura, CA eid# 986

July 13, 2019
All day event


The Milt Ingram Trophy Race is sponsored by the Pierpont Bay Yacht Club and starts at the Mandalay Buoy offshore from Ventura Harbor, this year circling Anacapa Island to port (counter-clockwise), then coming north up the coast to finish in Ventura Harbor. This race used to be longer and more arduous, but has been shortened to about 33 NM to lessen the (beating to) weather tack. You will make two crossings of the Santa Barbara Channel, with the wind usually building during the day, making the afternoon crossing very exciting.

Your beachcat must be at least 18 feet long (LWL) and we suggest some offshore sailing experience. Certain personal safety gear is required, (PFD, marine radio, signaling device, etc) and your rigging must be recently refreshed. The Mandalay buoy is approximately 2.5 miles offshore from Ventura harbor.  

NOR is here:  http://pbyc.org/boating/racing/ 

Entry form is here:  http://pbyc.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/EntryForm2019-for-print.pdf

 The Ventura Sailing Club hosts the Multihull Ocean Racing Series in conjunction with the Pierpont Bay Yacht Club. There is a MORS trophy for overall dominance in three races through the Santa Barbara channel:

June 22, 2019  Frenchy’s Rum Run 

July 13, 2019  The Milt Ingram Trophy Race 

August 17, 2019  The Tri-Point Anacapa Ocean Race  


Ventura Marina
1500 Anchors Way
Ventura CA, 93001

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Fee: varies per race- see NOR

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