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There is one for sale in myrtle beach on craigslist fyi
Ad Details: "Looking for a Hobie Bravo" by anahr822 - : 3/9/18 - Condition: n/a


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Will u deduct the battens cost since I dont need them?
Ad Details: "F18 Performance Main" by samc99us - : 8/27/17 - Condition: n/a


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Dropped the price again. Need to get this boat out of my driveway. Make me an offer!
Ad Details: "2007 Nacra Infusion F18" by crholliday - : 10/7/17 - Condition: n/a

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Are the Hulls available?
Ad Details: "Nacra Inter 20 Parts" by tclendening - : 6/16/14 - Condition: n/a

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Did you find a GCat? Im about to refurb one.
Ad Details: "G-Cat 5.7" by jwoadie - : 7/19/17 - Condition: n/a


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I'm going to update the ad this week with more photos.
I will also deliver within a 3 hour radius of 77581 for free with the right offer.
Ad Details: "2012 NACRA F16" by sailmonkey - : 3/12/18 - Condition: n/a


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There is no repairing the hull
The hulls of Hobie Bravo, Wave and Getaway can not be repaired
Ad Details: "2008 Hobie Getaway parts, Hobie sailbox, Cat Trax" by macdooglas - : 3/10/18 - Condition: n/a

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I wish, but I've read strong warnings of using tramps that aren't open mesh like OEM. Still looking for an OEM tramp....
Ad Details: "Looking for Hobie 21SC front trampoline" by PurdueZach - : 12/19/17 - Condition: n/a

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have an 86 16 ready to go.... let me know if you are still looking
Ad Details: "Hobie H16" by mikejusticeoh - : 5/12/17 - Condition: n/a


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Will sell the sail and am keeping pole.

Price for sail alone is $600.00.

Call me 978 546 1190
Ad Details: "Tornado spinnaker and Guck All carbn Skunk Snuffer for sale" by tomg - : 5/3/17 - Condition: n/a

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