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Download file Wooden Tornado Catamaran Building Plans  

This is a .zip file containing plans and instructions for building a Tornado Catamaran of your own. Included in the package are 39 high-res images of building drawings and a .pdf file with 32 pages of detailed building instructions. This is a 16.8mb download, so you might want to browse pictures of the Tornado Catamaran Plans before you download the package.

These are the Houlton building plans, developed by Jerry Houlton and a community of Tornado builders around 1980. These descriptions were originally intended to be used together with the ITA/ISAF issued plans, but it is quite straightforward to build a boat without the ITA/ISAF plan sets. Jerry Houlton stopped building Tornados a long time ago, but these plans lived on thanks to Tornado afficiando Kevin Cook in the USA. Kevin has continously supplied amateur Tornado builders with plans, in a non-profit attempt to keep the wooden Tornado alive. It was trough Kevin the plans used for digitizing was sourced, during christmas 2004. Amateur buildt Tornados are an important piece of Tornado history, and these digitized plans will hopefully keep this part of the Tornado story living in the 21. century. The original idea behind having the Tornado as an olympic class, besides adding a multihull to the olympic scene, was to have a boat you could build in your backyard and go to the olympics with. And for the first years this was the way it was done, but alas, no more..

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