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Starting today you'll notice regular advertising from
East Coast Sailboats.
Based in Point Harbor, NC they are authorized dealers for Hobie, Nacra, and Topaz catamarans as well as a range of monohulls.

I really appreciate the owner, Hardy Peters, coming on board as a paid advertiser.

The list of other companies advertising directly on TheBeachcats.com is:

Not a long list, but a strong one! These companies all directly support the catamaran sailing community along with TheBeachcats.com, so they deserve your support in return.

If you know other companies who would be a good fit to join them, please send them my way. There is an ad sheet explaining the different options at

Thanks again, and welcome to East Coast Sailboats.

Damon Linkous
1992 Hobie 18
Memphis, TN

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Welcome East Coast Sailboats, finally a Nacra dealer near by!

Hobie 16 (3 formerly)
MacGregor 25 (formerly)
Chrysler Dagger 14 (formerly)
NACRA 5.0 (currently)
High Point, NC