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Advertise on was created in July, 2002 by Damon Linkous to serve the needs of the beachcat catamaran sailing community. During these years it has become by far the largest and most popular site for finding and sharing information about beachcats. If you are trying to reach out to people who share an interest in sailing, water sports, and the outdoors, no site can give you better exposure.

Who Can Advertise on
All advertising is subject to pre-approval by Damon before appearing on the site. Advertisers are selected based their relevance to the interests of the members. If your company would like to advertise, the first step is to use the Contact Form to supply your information, including phone numbers.

What Kind of Ads Can I Run? is running a sophisticated ad server which allows our advertisers full control over the type and location of an advertising campaign. You can rotate multiple banner ads within a campaign and change them at any time.

Can One Advertiser Run Multiple Campaigns?
Yes, advertisers can choose to run more than one campaign. You can also choose whether you want more than one of your campaigns to show on a single page.

How are Ads Priced?
Each Campaign is assigned a monthly price based on the location you choose for you campaign. The location determines the size ad you can run, see screen shots for price and size of each location.

Ad Payment Details:

Ad campaigns must be paid in advance, preferably by automatic PayPal subscription.. Payment by company check may be accepted from an established business, but will delay the start of your campaign. Pricing is subject to change at any time, but currently running campaigns keep their pricing until the campaign is cancelled. Ad Rates