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A Galveston Experience

Added by damonAdmin on Apr 16, 2002 - 03:00 PM
By Geoff Von Wollenberg

(first published in "On The Wire", 1996)

Galveston, Texas! Home of the famous sea wall, beautiful old homes and Bougainvilla. I had been trying to get there since I first moved to Texas in 1962 but never quite seemed to make it. When a group of my catamaran sailing buddies suggested the trip and I had the time free, I jumped at the chance. We discussed the trip and all took time off so that we could spend plenty of time enjoying ourselves. The six of us, including myself, decided to leave Dallas on Tuesday and to return home again on Sunday afternoon. Plenty of time to see the area, I thought. I had no idea what an interesting experience it would turn out to be.