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Registration Open for Hiram's Haul

Added by DamonLinkous on Sep 05, 2016 - 05:49 PM

Notice of Race (NOR) and Online Registration are now available for the 2016 Hiram’s Haul.


October 29-30, 2016

The 15th running of Hiram’s Haul is set for October 29-30, 2016. The catamaran race is a total 60 mile race running from Melbourne, Florida to Sebastian, Florida on Saturday and back to Melbourne on Sunday. Hiram’s Haul started in 1997 has been hosted by Performance Sail and Sport until last year when Sail Series Promotions USA took over as the Organizing Authority (AO)



2016 Florida 300 Updated Notice of Race (NOR)

Added by DamonLinkous on Mar 24, 2016 - 05:27 PM
Florida 300 Updated Notice of Race has been published. Please read carefully and note the safety equipment, including Personal Locator Beacons (PLB's), required for each crew.

Also for those on the fence and want to "try out" distance racing on the Florida Coast or can't take the whole week. There are now TWO single leg events that can be entered. The Dogfight, raced from Vero Beach to Cocoa Beach, and the Space Coast Challenge raced from Cocoa Beach to Daytona Beach. These are two separate races so you can enter one or both to join the fun.

Florida 300 Early Registration Extended to March 20, 2016

Added by DamonLinkous on Mar 01, 2016 - 06:22 PM

NOTICE: 2016 Florida 300 Early Registration extended to March 20th.

There are a lot of exciting new features and sponsors for the race being finalized now, so the Florida 300 organizers have decided to push back the deadline.

This is to allow for some announcements that should be coming soon that could convince those on the fence to jump into the race.

Watch this space for further news. 

Registration Open Now on www.Florida300.com 

Florida 300 Early Registration Ends March 1st.

Added by DamonLinkous on Feb 27, 2016 - 03:50 PM

Florida 300 Distance Race – Starts May 17 with 5 days of racing ending on Saturday, May 22, 2016. Party to Follow!

Early Registration Ends March 1, 2016 

This year's Florida 300 is going to be the best ever with an extra day of racing and the finish line at Daytona Beach. Lots of details to come, but we already have more sponsorship in hand than ever before and a big beach party at the Ocean Deck near the finish line on Sunday following the race.

Many of you have read about events like the Worrell 1000, Tybee 500, Great Texas, or the Hogs Breath. These challenges give a beachcat sailor a chance to do something few accomplish by pushing themselves and their boat to sail hundreds of miles with a bunch of like minded (crazy) sailors.

 If you have the boat, and basic skills like surf launching and landing, why not give yourself this opportunity? If you are ever going to do a major distance race the Florida 300 stands out as a “doable” event. Five days of racing with reasonable leg lengths from 60 to 80 miles and each finish line is right in front of your hotel! Couldn’t be better, so come along and join us for the 2016 Florida 300 and save $55 by getting your registration in by March 1st.

To get your early registration in or ask any questions please contact any of the Sail Series Promotions board member on the Contact the Florida300.com organizers.


2015 Key Largo Steeplechase

Added by grandude on Nov 20, 2015 - 12:32 PM

2015 Key Largo Steeplechase… check it out.

If you have ever had an interest or curiosity in the Key Largo Steeplechase, you should look at the race again, this year. The 2015 Steeplechase is scheduled for December 12th and 13th and will be the new format we ran last year. This new course is the result of the sailors’ initiative and everyone agreed the changes worked well.

Instead of rigging and launching from Gilbert’s, the boats are rigged at the Islander Resort in Islamorada. The start is from the beach at the Islander. As the host of Tradewinds, The Florida 300 and many other great regattas, the Islander is perfect for sailing beachcats. Many thanks to Dennis Greene and Water Sports, our contact onsite.

The Islander has been upgraded and is now a Guy Harvey Outpost. The rooms, bar, restaurant and pool area make it great for evening socials and really nice for ground crews. One year at Tradewinds we even had a camp fire.

Saturday morning is the start, and the longer of the 2 days. We sail north east to Angelfish Creek. Navigation is pretty simple but a GPS is standard equipment. Through Angelfish Creek and down through Card Sound, under the bridge and across Barnes Sound. Card Sound bridge offers great photo opportunity and many crews meet there to check on their teams. Jewfish Creek slows things down where some teams paddle and some show skills that only the Steeplechase can teach. Past Gilbert’s and down Blackwater Sound, through Dusenbury Creek and into Tarpon Basin. Grouper Creek opens up into Buttonwood Sound and the final drag race into the Upper Keys Sailing Club. 

Florida 300 Date Set for May 17-21, 2016

Added by cyberspeed on Oct 16, 2015 - 03:34 PM
2016 Florida 300

Sail Series Promotions is fully committed to the Florida 300 for 2016. We are excited to announce the date for the 3rd running of the Florida 300. The event date is set for May 17-21, 2016 with a course predicted to be similar to the first year.

We wanted to get the date out in advance of upcoming national races so sailors can start planning for next year. We sent out a survey to previous competitors last month and had good response with all responders either committing to next year or definite maybe's for the 2016 event.

Various course ideas have been considered including the feedback received in our survey. Although we have not been able to finalize the course, we did not want to delay posting our race dates.

We are actively looking for sponsorship for next year and need your help. The more sponsorship involvement we secure, the better the event we can put on. Please feel free to email info@sailseries.com or contact Craig Van Eaton at 561.881.1226.

Hiram's Haul Date Set for Halloween Weekend

Added by cyberspeed on Jul 21, 2015 - 11:50 PM
The 14th running of Hiram's Haul is set for October 31 - November 1. The catamaran race is a total 60 mile race running from Melborne, Florida to Sebastian, Florida on Saturday and back to Melbourne on Sunday.  Hiram’s Haul started in 1997 has been hosted by Performance Sail and Sport until last year when Sail Series Promotions USA took over as the Organizing Authority (AO).  It is one of four races of the Endurance Sail Series and each day counts for points separately.

Register early, reserve your room early, SAVE MONEY!
Early registration is encouraged and maybe accomplished by registering before September 30th, 2015. You may register online or by mailing in the entry form which can be found online at www.SailSeries.com/hiramshaul.  Entry fees may be paid on the day of racing, but if not registered early, the fee will increase to $90.

RESCHEDULED: 2014 Round the Island, Fort Walton, FL

Added by DamonLinkous on Sep 12, 2014 - 04:03 PM

Message from the Fleet Captain of Fort Walton Yacht Club, Fort Walton Beach, FL -- Sept. 11, 2014

2014 Round the Island

Due to some scheduling conflicts and lack of promotion, I have decided to postpone RTI to September 26-28. If you are even CONSIDERING sailing, please preregister. I will not be collecting any money until the skippers meeting.

$50  discount off $60 entry fee for registration before September 26, 2014!

Quick rundown of upcoming events (including the two rescheduled events):

  • Sept 13th - Pier & Back (PBYC)

  • Sept 26-28 - Round The Island (FWYC) Link to NOR 

  • Oct 2-3 - Leukemia Cup (OSYC/SRYC)

  • Oct 25-26 - Shearwater Regatta (OSYC) and Wave NAs (PBYC)

  • Nov 1-2 - GYA Multihull Regatta - PBYC - (see NOR for team/awards info but ALL boats invited)

Any questions, please email or text.


Ashley Sukalski

FWYC Fleet Capt 2014



Florida 300 May 19-May 22

Added by cyberspeed on Feb 15, 2014 - 10:08 AM
The Race will be a distance race, stopping each night at a different location encompassing a distance of approximately 300 Statute miles. There will be 4 legs to the race. The overnight locations are planned and expected to be:

May 18, 2014 - Arrive and setup, Islander Resort, mm82.1, Overseas Highway, Islamorada, FL.

Race Day 1, May 19 – Islamorada, FL to Key Biscayne;

Race Day 2, May 20 – Key Biscayne to Singer Island;

Race Day 3, May 21 – Singer Island to Vero Beach, FL;

Race Day 4, May 22 – Vero Beach FL to Cocoa Beach, FL .

These are currently expected stopping locations which may change slightly based upon detailed planning currently in work. (Negotiations on going with Hotels and Cities)

If this goes well, we are certainly further considering distances 500-1000 starting next year, BUT WE MUST GET A FIRST RACE OFF THE GROUND AND SUCCESSFUL AND THIS MEANS YOU SAILING WITH US!!!!!

The last segment (Vero Beach to Cocoa Beach) will have a separate start for boats with Hobie 16 or faster portsmouth rating. Details to be published soon.

The NOR and Registration form can be found on: www.Florida300.com

Warren Green

Chuck Bargeron

Dennis Green

Craig Van Eaton

Larry Ferber

Hiram's Haul This Weekend

Added by cyberspeed on Oct 25, 2011 - 10:59 AM
The third round of the Endurance Series is October 29-30, 2011. Hiram's Haul is a 30 mile catamaran sprint down the Intercoastal waterway to the quaint, old Florida town of Sebastian and Capt. Hiram's for the first party. Spend the night and enjoy Capt. Hirams or any of the other cozy watering holes. Return the next day with another 30 mile sprint to Performance Sail and Sport for the 2nd leg and overall trophy presentation and party.

Endurance Series: Gilligan's Run

Added by cyberspeed on Jul 30, 2011 - 06:14 PM

Important Notice!!

Gilligan's Run Postponed Till August 20th

Due to the projected path of Tropical Storm Emily, Gilligan's Run has been postponed till August 20, 2011.  

The second race in the Endurance Series is next Saturday August 6th. Gilligan's Run is about 26 miles which is the shortest race of the series. The race starts at Acapulco Hotel and Resort and runs North to a mark in front of the "Ocean Deck" then South to Ponce De Leon Inlet rounding a inlet buoy before turning back north to finish back at the hotel.


Added by walterdavidscott on Jun 08, 2011 - 06:48 PM


Greetings from Tanzania, east Africa.
Following the outstanding success and, most of all, sheer enjoyment of Tanzacat2010, it has been decided to host another international catamaran open sailing event in Dar es Salaam Tanzania in 2011. Visit the website to see pictures of this amazing event and learn more about our warm blue waters and great winds.
This is one of the world’s great sailing venues and when the sailing is done, there are a lot of exciting places to visit, including Zanzibar, Serengeti, Selous, Kilimanjaro, to name a few.

The entry fee and full event pricing including accommodation etc has been finalised and firm entries are now being taken through the website.
We look forward to meeting you and sharing our sailing paradise with you.

Best regards
David Scott
Tazacat2011 Committee
Dar es Salaam Yacht Club


Notice of Race for GT300 Has been posted.

Added by gbkersey on Mar 23, 2011 - 02:48 PM

The Great Texas Catamaran Race is an off-shore beach catamaran race along the Texas Coast. Starting in South Padre Island and finishing in Galveston, the race covers approximately 300 miles along the Texas coast over Father's Day weekend. The race is conducted in four stages with each stage starting and ending on the beach.


2011 Tybee 500 Notice of Race

Added by damonAdmin on Jan 04, 2011 - 01:35 AM

The Notice of Race for the 2011 Tybee 500 has been published.

There are several changes from last year.

The date has been moved about a week later, the 2011 race will start on Monday, May 16 from Islamorada, FL and finish Saturday, May 21 at Tybee Island, GA.

The NOR has been changed to allow for the inclusion of additional classes. This doesn’t automatically mean that more than just the F18 and Nacra 20’s from 2010 will be there, but it leaves the door open for new classes if they can come up with 5 entries and are acceptable to the organizer as suitable for the race. This appears to be geared towards allowing the new Nacra Predator 20x10 carbon beachcat introduced recently, but how about a class of F16’s, could the lightweight boats and crews handle the 560 miles of open water?

The stopping place for leg two has been changed from Jupitor Beach to a little further up the coast to Jensen Beach. This was done to even out the length of legs two and three, the Jensen Beach location has a long history with both the Tybee 500 and the Worrell 1000.

Link to full NOR for the 2011 Tybee 500

2007 Ronstan A-Class catamaran Worlds Preview

Added by damonAdmin on Sep 29, 2007 - 09:02 PM

The 2007 Ronstan A-Class catamaran Worldsin the Florida Keys, Islamorada, FL, USA November 9-16, 2007. With a record setting 100 boats pre-registered, the 2007 Ronstan A-Class catamaran Worlds sponsored by Ronstan, FSE Robline, Corum, and West Marine is now only weeks away. The regatta will take place at The Islander resort hotel in Islamorada, FL. The Islander has been hosting the US A-Class for its last two midwinter race weeks and was the unanimous choice by the US class as the best venue to host this world championship. The race site is a 9 square mile area of the Atlantic ocean protected by an offshore reef. Sailors will enjoy clear aqua water and hopefully warm and consistent easterly winds of 8-15 knots.

The international contingent includes Glenn Ashby from Australia who will be racing to defend his 2006 title. Glenn is a multiple world champion in the class and is regarded as the best A-Class sailor ever. In addition, Glenn is regarded as a favorite to medal in the 2008 Tornado Olympic event in Qingdao, China with his teammate Darren Bundock. In addition to Ashby, other top international sailors racing will include past world champions Scott Anderson and Nils Bunkenberg, Olympic medalists Andrew Landenberger and Goran Marstrom, New Zealand champion Murray Philpott, top Dutch sailors Sjoerd Hoekstra, Pieterjan Dwarshuis, and Piet Saarberg, Alinghi designer Mike Drummond (New Zealand), and top Swiss sailors Dieter Melcher and Luc De Bois.

2007 Round the Island, Fort Walton, FL

Added by damonAdmin on Jun 01, 2007 - 04:49 PM

round th island100 mile distance race, no ground crew needed!

Editors note:Ever thought you'd like to do one of the distance races like the Tybee 500 or the Great Texas, but don't have the ground support or resources for such an adventure? The Fort Walton Yacht Club, 'Round the Island is the perfect event to challenge yourself without breaking the bank or scaring your loved ones. Sail a 100 mile round trip race with the start and finish inside the bay, no surf launch to deal with and only takes a weekend. Read on for the race details.

Note: This years race start is Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Round the Island Race is a 100 mile circumnavigation around Santa Rosa Island located in Northwest Florida.  Headquartered at the Fort Walton Yacht Club, the race begins off the point, through the East Pass and continues west through the Pensacola pass where the northern turn is made for the return trip.

Having one start for all competitors, the initial direction is east in the Choctawhatchee Bay as the boats head for the East Pass from the start.  The wind is usually 4 to 6 knots from the Northeast so the start is a one legged beat.  As the multi-hulls round a turning mark off the shoals of Crab Island, they head for the Destin Bridge and the East Pass.  There they meet the Destin Charter Boat fleet heading out the Pass for a colorful parade of sailors and fishing boats.  Spectators line the Destin Bridge and capture some beautiful sights, as the fleet hoists spinnakers using the NNE breeze to speed them out the Pass.

White sandy beaches and glistening emerald water provides for a spectacular run to the Sea Buoy.  Approximately one-half a mile out the Pass leaving to starboard, the fleet will now head due west for 50 miles of beautiful sailing in the Gulf of Mexico.  The fleet is usually favored to stay along the shore to take advantage of the east to west flowing beach current where most of the competitors will stay within 1 to 2 miles of shore.  As the sun rises higher and starts its usual east to west trajectory the wind follows it.  Thus the NNE breeze in the morning will give way to a Southeast veer that will usually turn southerly before going to the Southwest in the late afternoon.  This makes for a lot of spinnaker work and reaching in the Gulf before reaching the Pensacola Pass.

The fleet will pass three fishing piers in the Gulf at Fort Walton, Navarre, and Pensacola Beach so the landmarks are easily recognizable as well as great perches for the spectators.  Upon reaching the Pass at Pensacola the competitors will usually hug the shoreline at the Fort Pickens State Park as they round inside the Pass for the run home.  The lead boats, usually RC 30’s and 27’s as well as a sprinkling of Super Cat 22’s will enter the Pass from 1p.m to 3p.m. if the normal wind pattern holds true.  The majority of the fleet will be in the Pass from then on into the late afternoon with everyone required to be in the inter-coastal waterway before sundown.

2006 Hobie 16 North American Championship - Rhode Island

Added by damonAdmin on Sep 08, 2006 - 03:30 PM
2006 Hobie 16 North Americans

September 11-15 The 36th Hobie 16 North American Championship, aka: the Continentals, starts Monday off Roger Wheeler Beach in Narragansett, Rhode Island. The regatta will continue through Friday.

Sailors from fourteen states and five countries have pre-registered for the event. For Hobie 16 racers from Guatemala to Canada this is the year’s main event. Year after year the 16 Continentals attracts the biggest one-design catamaran fleet on the continent with the competition and the parties to match. Some come to measure their skills against the best and some for the parties but everyone comes to celebrate this simple one-design that started it all.

This year’s championship will double as the country qualifier for the 2007 Pan American Games. The top four countries from the NAs will qualify for the Pan Am games.

Nine past champions will be racing this week making this event as tough as ever. A complete list of past champions and daily updates during the week can be found at www.HCA-NA.org

Wayward Winds Regatta - Texas City, Texas

Added by greencj on Aug 01, 2006 - 12:12 PM

Texas City Dike Yacht Club LogoOnly 11 days more before Wayward Winds Regatta at the Texas City Dike. This open multihull event has been running for over 30 years. Its shaping up to be a good one this year with strong participation anticipated from many classes of boats, including the Hobie 16, Tiger and A-Cats. There will also be a novice class which looks like it will be a good size. You can get more information, including the Notice of Race and contact details at the TCDYC (Fleet 8) website.

Wayward Winds 2005 BeachLast years event was well attended despite being rescheduled due to Hurricane Rita. You can get a good view of some of the A-Cat fleet that showed up in this picture.

Chris Green
Chair, Division 6.

Lady Liberty dizzied by Catamarans?

Added by Anonymous on Jun 24, 2006 - 07:14 PM

2006 Statue of Liberty RegattaStatue of Liberty Marathon Sailing Race expecting record turn-out, about 100 Boats Expected to Race from the Sandy Hook Bay to New York Harbor… and back

ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS, N.J. - June 24, 2006 - For skippers and crew of catamaran sailing boats, the most exciting event of the year is approaching quickly. On July 2, the Sandy Hook Bay Catamaran Club, located in Atlantic Highlands (NJ), will be hosting its famous annual event, known among sailors as the "Statue of Liberty Marathon Sailing Race”. With just days to go till Independence Day weekend, an increasing number of teams are signing up to participate in what is probably the largest sailing event in New York harbor this summer.

“We are proud to host one of the largest annual sailing events in New York Harbor, and definitely the one with the most boats,” said Jacques Pierret, the club’s race director. “With more than 75 boats pre-registered, the race is well on its way toward a record attendance this year, and we are getting close to our goal of seeing a 100 boats that the starting line. Our race is the living proof that sailing off the New York & New Jersey coast is easily accessible and affordable to all.”

Hobie 16 Youth-Women North American Championship in New York

Added by damonAdmin on Jun 20, 2006 - 02:04 PM

The Hobie 16 Youth and Women's North Americans will be hosted by Fleet 250 in Sandy Hook, NJ on July 21-23. The event begins with a GEP clinic for participants on Thursday followed by three days of racing. National Hull Flying Championships Saturday after the racing. Fleet 250 web site

Come race at one of the largest catamaran clubs in the world. Enjoy our hospitality with free camping and dinner on the beach every night. No pre-registration needed. See NOR in the Calendar.

Great Texas Catamaran Race, South Padre Island, Texas

Added by damonAdmin on Jun 05, 2006 - 02:26 PM
This year TheBeachcats.com will have on-the-scene reports from the Great Texas Catamaran Race. The race starts June 14th, so watch this space for reports and photos.

If you aren't familiar with the Great Texas, which started in 2003, here is a description from the race headquarters site "The Great Texas Catamaran Race is an off-shore beach catamaran race along the Texas Coast. Starting in South Padre Island and finishing in Galveston, the race covers approximately 300 miles along the Texas coast over the Father’s Day weekend. The race will be conducted in four stages with each stage starting and ending on the beach! This will be the fourth year that the Great Texas Catamaran race is held."

Click here for the Great Texas Catamaran Race, Notice of Race for more info.

Nigel Pitt's Spring Fever at Lake Hartwell Want You! (to pre-register)

Added by damonAdmin on Mar 13, 2006 - 01:38 PM
Spring Fever at Lake Hartwell, Georgia, (April 14-16) is a professionally run catamaran regatta that is one of the top events in the Eastern USA. Lake Hartwell, located on the border of Georgia and South Carolina is a great place for a regatta, great camping right onsite. See Spring Fever 2005 Pictures

This year it is also the Southern Area Formula-18 Championship. (See Calendar Listing) All beach catamarans are welcome and Forumula 14, H16, H18, Isotope, Mystere 4.3, NACRA 5.8, NACRA 20 fleets, as well as others, are expected.

The event is presented by Nigel Pitt, well known catamaran sailor. Since this is a large regatta, Nigel has an urgent need to have a good idea who is coming.

"Our original concept for Spring Fever was to bring together all makes of catamarans and rebuild the fun that we all used to enjoy at the large regattas. Our goal was, and is, to have 100 or more teams and their families getting together in a fun but competitive atmosphere."

So please, if you are planning to attend Spring Fever, fill out the registration form: 2006 Spring Fever Pre-Registration Form.

2005 Hobie 16 North American Championships

Added by damonAdmin on Jul 18, 2005 - 01:29 PM
The 2005 Hobie 16 North American Championship gets underway in Ventura, California on Wednesday July 20.

2005 marks the championships return to a supplied boat, round robin format thanks to the support of the Hobie Cat Company. Hobie Cat has generously supplied 35 brand new Hobie 16s for the regatta. (http://www.hobiecat.com)

Over a week and a half of racing the Hobie Class Association of North America will determine the 2005 Hobie 16 Youth, Women's and Open Champions.

The regatta will start off with racing for the Hobie 16 Youth and Women's North American Championship on July 20, 21 and 22. Over the weekend of July 23 and 24

the qualification round will take place for the Open Championship. The qualification round allows teams that have not pre-qualified through the North American ranking system to qualify for the Hobie 16 Open Championships. Over 500 teams appeared on the Hobie 16 rankings last year but only 50 pre-qualified spots areavailable for the regatta. In total 70 teams will qualify for the Open event.

The Open Hobie 16 North Americans will start on Monday July 25 and run through Friday July 29.

Who To Watch

The Hobie 16 Youth North Amercians will likely be a battle between defending champions Mike Siau and Trey James from Manlius, NY and Jason and Charles Hess, the top ranked team from Guatemala.

All NACRA Catamaran Class Championships Together for 2005

Added by damonAdmin on Mar 17, 2005 - 12:20 AM
NACRA catamaran racers worldwide are coming together to celebrate NACRA¹s 30th Anniversary for an action-packed week of class racing. Traverse City, Michigan on Lake Michigan has been chosen as this year¹s championship location having been the the site of the very successful 1991 NACRA North American Championships. For 2005, from September 12th through 16th, an even bigger turn out is expected because of the combined championships for all NACRA Catamarans:

NACRA F18 World Championships; NACRA F17 North American Championships; NACRA 20 U. S. National Championships; and the NACRA Open Championships for NACRA 5.0 to 6.0 as well as the Beach Series Catamarans 500 to 580 models -- all to be held in 5 days of excitement.

Italy to Host the 25th International Catamaran Challenge Trophy

Added by damonAdmin on Feb 09, 2005 - 05:19 PM
Province of Rimini to feature catamaran match-racing as part of BLURimini Festival.

SEA CLIFF, N.Y. - The Trustees of the International Catamaran Challenge Trophy, in conjunction with defender Southern Yacht Club, have accepted the bid submitted by Rimini, Italy, to host the celebratory 25th anniversary regatta. The event is scheduled May 26-June 1, 2005.

The Province of Rimini, located northeast of San Marino on Italy's upper Adriatic coast, is the host. The BLURimini organization and the Vela Viva Sailing Club will coordinate the event. The regatta will be a featured part of the 7th annual BLURimini Festival, a celebration of music, entertainment and sailing.

"We think that Rimini and its popular festival will make a wonderful host for the silver anniversary of the ICCT," said John B. Dawson, Chairman of the ICCT Trustees. "Multihull racing is popular in Europe, and we anticipate a fleet of 10 to 15 defenders and challengers."

The event will be sailed in F18HTs, an 18-foot, high-performance catamaran. The two-person cats are being provided by the host city and Bimare Marine, the Italian builder. They carry a 20-square-meter (215-square-foot) mainsail and spinnaker.

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