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Argentina Wins Olympic Gold in Mixed Multihulls 2016

Added by DamonLinkous on Aug 16, 2016 - 05:57 PM

Santiago Lange and Cecilia Carranza Saroli (ARG) have won gold

Santiago Lange and Cecilia Carranza Saroli (ARG) have won gold after a heart-stopping Medal Race in the Nacra 17 Mixed Multihull. Jason Waterhouse and Lisa Darmanin (AUS) took silver and bronze goes to Thomas Zajac and Tanja Frank (AUT).

The Argentineans made hard work of the Medal Race, picking up a penalty early on to round the first mark at the back. But they fought back to third by the top of the final lap, only to incur another penalty for sailing too close to the Austrians. After dropping the gennaker and taking their 360 penalty turn, Lange and Saroli rallied to cross the finish in sixth place, just seven seconds ahead of the Italians.

It was a crucial seven seconds that gave gold to the Argentineans by a single point from Australia. The young Aussies crossed the finish behind the New Zealand team of Gemma Jones and Jason Saunders (NZL), but more importantly finished 10 seconds ahead of the Austrians who crossed for third place. Australia and Austria were tied on points, but silver goes to Waterhouse and Darmanin for their superior finish in the Medal Race.

It has been an extraordinary Games for Lange, at 54 the oldest competitor in the sailing at Rio 2016. He has had the pleasure of watching his sons, Yago and Klaus, represent the nation in the 49er skiff, and he has survived cancer in the past year.

Lange says the rigours of his sport helped to save his life and return to competition after he lost a lung to cancer just a year ago. His hectic schedule led to diagnosis of the disease, he said, while the experience of five Olympic campaigns, winning two medals along the way, was key in keeping him positive through his ordeal and returning for a sixth challenge.

Lange, with crewmate Carlos Espinola, won bronzes for Argentina at Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008 in the now discontinued two-person Tornado class event before combining with Cecilia Carranza Saroli (ARG) in 2014 in the Nacra 17 mixed class, a new addition to the Olympic sailing schedule at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

But plans were suddenly placed on hold in 2015 when Lange was diagnosed with cancer and eventually had his left lung removed. "The six months I was dealing with that, I was so positive," Lange said. "Now when I look back it was a good experience, difficult but I learned a lot. I was operated on in Barcelona and after five days I was cycling, in a month I was back sailing.

"I was very lucky to find it (the cancer). Probably if I wasn't travelling so much and wasn't so tired it wouldn't have been found. I see myself as very lucky.

"For sure my philosophy and what I learned through the sport helped me a lot. With sailing you learn to suffer in a certain way, to go through hard times and stand up and keep pushing."

Olympic Mixed Multihull Nacra 17 Day One

Added by DamonLinkous on Aug 11, 2016 - 04:51 AM
Mixed Multihull – Nacra 17, 2016 Olympics
Matias Buhler and Nathalie Brugger (SUI) emerged top of the rankings after two whacky opening races for the Nacra 17 on the notoriously tricky Pão de Açucar (Sugarloaf Mountain) race course. The Swiss are on equal points with Ben Saxton and Nicola Groves (GBR), with Santiago Lange and Cecilia Carranza Saroli (ARG) holding third overall.
With the fleet starting in 10 knots of breeze, the Mixed Multihull fleet shot up the track. But, the breeze was all over the place and no lead was ever safe. The Swiss emerged at the front at one point, only to be swallowed up by the pack at the halfway stage. But then Buhler and Brugger found their way through to the front once more, only to see their 200 metre lead disappear in the dying moments of the final leg. The fleet was closing fast and the top six boats all crossed the finish line within five seconds of each other. The Swiss beat Singapore by a whisker.
"A really tricky day,” said Brugger. "Difficult with very shifty and gusty winds, so we had to improvise and keep the eyes open. We had some hard moments back in the fleet but we were always fighting and had a really good team spirit.”

Justin Liu (SIN) didn't even know how well he'd done until he came ashore. "That photo finish, we've no idea how we did, where did we finish?” he asked the press, delighted to discover he and crew Denise Lim had finished second. "The wind was everywhere, super crazy, we were near the back at one point, but we fought our way back.” Even with a 16th in the next race, the Singaporeans lie in eighth overall.

The British were consistent with scores of 3,5. Saxton was smiling but still not that sure about the secret to success other than, "Give it a go, do your best and hopefully by the end of six legs it will be good enough.

The four-time World Champions Billy Besson and Marie Riou (FRA) had a worrying first day and sit in 17th place in the 20-boat fleet. Besson is carrying a severe long-term back injury and is struggling even to walk any distance, so one can only imagine the pain he is suffering to compete on board the athletic Nacra 17.

Swiss Nacra 17 

2016 Nacra 17 Worlds Final

Added by DamonLinkous on Feb 15, 2016 - 01:48 PM

Billy Besson and Marie Riou from France Win 2016 Nacra 17 Worlds

The Unbeatable Billy Besson and Marie Riou chose to sail the final race of the series even though their point spread was enough to call it a week! Billy and Marie are definitely please with their performance and with the event as a whole. They feel the race committee, and all of the organizers were great on the support and thank them for helping put on a successful World Championship. The pair took a 2nd place finish to add to their already extremely low score. When asked how he felt about his days finish Billy replied,

"It was a little bit complicated near the harbor because the wind is going to be shifty with the buildings. We finished two, which is not so bad, but when we are competing, we like to win every time." Never settling for second best apparently.

Interestingly enough, competing on just another race course away from the Nacra 17 fleet, the 49er skiffs also had their 2016 World Championship. They too had a World Champion announced. Peter Burling and Blair Tuke also took home their fourth World Championship title. Billy notes,

"We were in competition to see who could get the four World titles, haha."  Well Billy, it seems you both take home the win!

Still sitting in second, taking their first ever silver medal at a World Championships is Danish team of  Allan Norregaard and Annette Viborg Andreasen. Allan gave us a quote before going out as he was all smiles and completely relieved. Today Allan and Annette found out they are the Nacra 17 duo going to represent Denmark in the Rio Olympic Games, this August. Three regattas were used in the Denmark national selections: 2015 Europeans in Barcelona, 2016 Miami World Cup, and this final 2016 World Championships. The second boat in contention Lin Ea Cenholt Christiansen and Christian Peter Lübeck fought hard to stay near their compatriots, but after the final points/protests, they were unable to beat out Allan and Annette.

"It's a big relief to be over that trial, and now we are surprisingly in such a good position, which we didn't know because we were defending our trial, it's really surprising for us that we would end up so high on the scores, so it's really just a bonus for us now to go out there and fight for a medal," said Allan. "It turned out as good as it could for us, cannot complain!"


Allan and Anette finished just two places in front of the Italian to give them just a five point lead ahead of Vittorio Bissaro and Silvia Sicouri of Italy. The strong Italian team pushed their way back on the podium managing a third place finish, bumping their overall place into third.
The Danish team of Thomas Zajac and Tanja Frank came to shore with low hanging heads. The pair competed very strongly throughout each day, and were very much looking forward to ending this 2016 World Championship with some silverware.
The final medal race took a turn for the worse for these two Austrians. The boat was focused very much on their competitors around them that they weren't focusing on the shifty conditions that only progressed as the race went on.

"It was nice to see that we can fight for a medal, and looking at the 2015 Worlds, they were not like this, so that was quite great. Even with the medal race, we are proud we had come so far,"  Tanja admits.
This pair will be have their chance in the coming months to take on their competitors once again before the ultimate athletic event in Rio.
Jason Waterhouse and Lisa Darmanin came back from a bit of a dip in scores to steadily finish in fifth overall.  The pair took a bit of a risky move going into the first upwind leg and had to fight back to keep a near top position.

"We still were able to pull off a fifth off at the Worlds which is a great achievement, especially after coming off a silver in Miami, so its a great way to finish off our US tour,"

Jason Waterhouse feels he and Lisa will be able to keep this momentum going into the rest of their season continues.

"Now, back home for a bit of rest, and then back at it training in Sydney harbor!"
The sailors all enjoyed their time in Clearwater, and with the trying and variable conditions, they all felt this venue definitely helped to showcase the extreme talent amongst the fleet.

END of regatta reports, we call it a wrap here at CLEARWATER Florida. Thanks for receiving and posting.

Kind regards,

NACRA 17 Class association.

More Information
For more information, high res photos and interviews please contact Gunnar Larsen at gunnar@nacrasailing.com or at +31 (0)6 533 55 806

Photo credits: Laurens Morel

Day Four Nacra 17 Worlds, Clearwater Florida

Added by DamonLinkous on Feb 12, 2016 - 09:04 PM

by: Katy Nastro

Clearwater, FL. Day four of the Nacra 17 World Championship went off without a hitch. The less than stellar wintery weather that Clearwater has produced has now subsided, and finally the sailors were able to sail in nearly perfect conditions out on the Gulf of Mexico.

The fleet was sent out just before noon in a varying 8-12knot breeze, and was back to the beach by 4:30pm. The fast and furious French team of Billy Besson and Marie Riou had a consistent performance throughout the four races that were held. Both of them felt satisfied, and pleasantly happy with the point spread they are currently sitting in. As it stands the French pair sit in first by a staggering 53 points [pending other changes in scores from other teams sitting behind them.

The long day in the Floridian sun didn't seem to phase the three time Nacra 17 World Champion, Billy Besson who came out to win the first race of the day. Marie notes, "We are really happy with our performance thus far, especially after three long days." Their worst performance of the day was an 11th in the second race in which they had a situation with the Swiss team costing them quite a few places after rectifying their mistake. "We lost a lot of places after the first upwind in that race, but we came back and back, ending eleventh, so to us it wasn't really a bad race." The pair is confident they will be able to tackle any other type of condition Clearwater will throw at them over the course of the final two days.

The closest boat currently chasing after the French team is the venerable Italian team Vittorio Bisssaro and Silvia Sicouri. The former World Cup champions haven't had the most impressive scores on the board, but they have kept a consistency needed to take control of second place. Interestingly though, Vittorio and Silvia found they may have had a collision with an unidentified object while out on the race course. No marker or mammal was seen by either of the sailors, but they went from about 20 knots to a dead stop, costing them a 2nd, dropping back 6 places to 8th for the second race of the day.

"I don't know what happened, we just hit something under the water. We asked around and they suggested it might have been a turtle, or something like that," a shocked Vittorio said while meticulously checking over his hulls.

Jason Waterhouse and Lisa Darmanin, who recently took second on the podium during the 2015 Worlds in Arhus, Denmark, are tentatively sitting in third, but very likely will jump ahead of Bissaro/Sicouri due to a scoring error by the Race Committee. The OCS they bare on results is being protested by Waterhouse/Darmanin with video footage of their boat going back to amend their early intentions. Really consistent top ten finishes during the first three races, with two of their scores being back to back bullets. They did, however, feel a bit of pain on the final race of the day falling way back into 22nd after a layline error pushed by Waterhouse.

"We just sort of got a bit complacent, and we prioritized the left lane as it was really important for the whole day up until the last race. We had a good start, but I just made an error on the layline and it was really expensive obviously. Like yeah, not a good way to end the day but it will probably be our throw out, for sure," said Jason with upbeat demeanor, and even laughed when he heard his finish was a 22nd. "Wasn't as bad as I thought, I guess! We were lookin' really bad there for awhile."

Jason's upbeat attitude even applies to the regatta as a whole, where some might be in opposition regarding conditions, Jason feels Clearwater is a wonderful place due to its ability to challenge sailors with all conditions. "Big waves, big chop, lots of different sea state, it's been a really good regatta to find out who the best sailor is."

Just six points behind the young Australian team is former Tornado veteran Thomas Zajac and Tanja Frank of Austria. Zajac noted how much of a drag race the first leg always felt like and kept this in mind when preparing to start. Getting off the line cleanly and making gains downwind in the slight swell we saw today was how Zajac and Frank managed to stay more times than not with the top pack. The former Tornado sailor is looking forward to his debut in the Nacra 17 with his female counterpart Tanja. Two years ago this team was hardly ever seen far from the top five, yet with mounting double digit finishes, they are trying to get their groove back.
This past 2016 World Cup, the pair took home a 7th, and now sitting comfortably in fourth, they may have found the secret sauce.

"For us its important to find out the good material to stay competitive with the good guys, and yeah, we are happy where we are and hope to get a little bit better so we can be on/near the podium come August." Thomas is looking forward to competing with a female counterpart in the Rio 2016 games, in which this will be the maiden voyage for the Nacra class. "It's a more modern class, new vs. old school comparing the tornado and Nacra. And, the biggest difference would probably be - you sail with a girl!"

Rounding out the top five is Allan Norregaard and Annette Viborg Andreasen of Denmark. The long, sun filled day didn't seem to bother either these stable minded sailors as they sailed their own races, and were able to keep top ten after their initial eleventh to begin the day's set.

This 2016 World Championship for the Nacra class is operating on all cylinders and the sailors couldn't be keener to take on the varying conditions that come their way. Three races scheduled for tomorrow to end the qualifying round, and before we know it, Sunday's medal race will be upon us.


More Information
For more information, high resolution photos and interviews please contact Gunnar Larsen at gunnar@nacrasailing.com or at +31 (0)6 533 55 806

Photo credits: Laurens Morel

Nacra 17 Worlds, Clearwater Florida

Added by DamonLinkous on Feb 11, 2016 - 04:01 AM

Exciting conditions bring out the best in top sailors at the Nacra 17 Worlds.

Allan Norregaard and Anette Viborg Andreasen rocketed up to second place overall in the Nacra 17 World Championships, the Danish duo showing a rare mastery of the demanding conditions on the turbulent waters of Clearwater Beach, Florida.

The top two French teams managed to put the stress of a measurement protest behind them last night when the French were accused of having illegally adjusted the daggerboard cases that hold the curved foils that help lift the boat out of the water at high speed. Small changes in the angle of attack of these foils can make a big difference to performance, so this part of the boat is millimetre-critical. To the relief of the two French teams, the International Jury found in their favour and they bounced back with an impressive performance on the water.
Vaireaux seemed unfazed by the protest, speaking after racing today. "It was OK, it can happen, we do a mechanical sport. It is part of the game and we know we did nothing wrong, so it was good to come back [with a good performance today]. Billy and Marie are three-time World Champions, so everyone is looking at them, and we train together with them. People are asking questions, but we didn't do anything wrong. It's the game, it's sailing, we have to go through that."
Even in the bright Florida sunshine, sailors were shivering as they came ashore. "I only brought my summer wetsuit," smiled Vaireaux, trying to warm up in the afternoon sunshine. "But today's conditions were good for us, we like the big waves and big wind. It was really shifty during the races but we made good decisions. Upwind it was about choosing your moment to tack in the wind shifts."
Other sailors that showed bursts of pace in the big breeze included the Italians, Vittorio Bissaro and Silvia Sicouri, who won the last race of the day, and Tom Phipps and Nicola Boniface from Great Britain who won the second race of the day, even if they didn't know it at the time. "It was very close at the finish, and we thought the Argentineans crossed the line before us," said Boniface, grinning after her first ever race win in a World Championship. "Always good to win a race, makes you smile!" The winning strategy was simple enough. "We went fast in the right direction and protected on the other boats. Today was quite a lot about boatspeed, if you went fast and got around the course safely you were going to do pretty well."

The Argentineans they just pipped to the post were Santiago Lange and Cecilia Carranza Saroli. Lange, sitting in 15th overall, was not happy with his day, although at least the 54-year-old Olympic medallist has secured his place at Rio 2016 where he will represent Argentina for the sixth time at an Olympic Games. "Today's conditions were very difficult for us, we are not well practised and we suffered with lack of speed and a couple of mistakes. But it's good to be here, and with my sons here as well." His sons, Yago and Klaus Lange, are racing at the 49er World Championship also taking place in Clearwater, and they too have qualified to represent Argentina at Rio 2016.
After four big races, the fleet is looking forward to some recuperation time this evening, to warm up and to refuel. "We've burned more calories than we can consume," said Germany's top Nacra 17 sailor, Paul Kohlhoff. "Today was really challenging, very big waves, but tomorrow looks like it's going to be much lighter winds."


More Information

For more information, high resolution photos and interviews please contact Gunnar Larsen at gunnar@nacrasailing.com or at +31 (0)6 533 55 806

Photo credits: Laurens Morel


75 year old Hans Geissler sailing Hirams Haul

Added by DamonLinkous on Oct 12, 2015 - 02:31 PM
75 year old Hans Geissler sailing Hirams Haul for his heartfelt mission

October 31, 2015- November 1, 2015

Hans GeisslerThe 14th running of Hiram's Haul is set for October 31 - November 1. The catamaran race is a total 60 mile race running from Melborne, Florida to Sebastian, Florida on Saturday and back to Melbourne on Sunday.

Hans Geissler (75) a winning catamaran designer, builder and racer for over 35 years will compete with his partner Ronald Hiell to help draw attention to the need to engage and help the Race 2 End Hunger as he already did, for example, at the Florida 300 in May and has done most of the latest 20 years.

Hans Geissler left his boat building business in 1994 to create Morning Star Fishermen; a Dade City based charity that promotes fish farming and Aquaponics as a solution to help end world hunger. His quest to help end global hunger through research, development and training individuals from around the world however has not removed his passion for catamaran racing. Money raised through sponsors and donations to Morning Star Fishermen will go toward making a local and global impact on ending hunger. Mr. Geissler also hopes that the trip will help draw attention to the ongoing problem of global malnutrition and hunger. Please see the links below to see how you too can be more involved and join the Race 2 End Hunger now.

For more information on the Hirams Haul event, please check out

Morning Star Fishermen

Morning Star Fishermen is an international Aquaponics research, development and training facility located in Dade City, FL. The Morning Star Fishermen staff and scientists have been pioneering more efficient and productive ways to live sustainably through Aquaponics since 1993. “Our goal always stays the same; we educate students in a way that encourages and prepares them to teach others." says Phil Reasons, Executive Director.

For more information view; www.morningstarfishermen.org or contact: Phil Reasons at 523 352-2722. 

2015 Florida 300 Presented by Waves Surf Shop

Added by DamonLinkous on May 07, 2015 - 10:53 AM

Florida 300 Presented by Waves Surf Shop

The Florida 300 is a four day open ocean endurance race sailed on high performance beach catamarans 16 to 22 feet long up the South Florida Atlantic coastline. The race is managed by Sail Series Promotions.

Next week will mark the second running of the Florida 300, starting off in Islamorada, Florida on May 13th and ultimately finishing after four grueling days of sailing at Cocoa Beach, Florida on May 16th. The last leg will start at Vero Beach and include additional competitors on the shorter 50 mile leg dubbed the "Dogfight" race .

Florida 300 CheckpointsThe Florida 300 will include last years overall winner, Key Sailing with Kirk Newkirk and Thomas Whitehurst sailing a Nacra 20 Carbon, hoping to fend off a strong field of returnees and newcomers. The competitive fleet will include a variety of catamarans in three classes F18, Nacra 20, and open class. Each class will compete among themselves for line honors and for overall winners based on the Portsmouth handicap system and overall quickest time.

In addition to the classes competing for the overall trophy, an exciting addition to the fleet this year will be two examples of the new generation of foiling beachcats, the Lupe Tortilla Flying Phantom with John Tomko and Ian Billings on board and Papa's Pilar Nacra 20 FCS (Flight Control System) with John Casey and Colin Page. These two boats will form their own "Foiling Class" and compete with each other for line honors, but too little is known about the performance characteristics of these brand new designs to assign them a fair rating to compete for the overall win.

At the Cocoa Beach finish the award ceremony for the classes and overall winner of the Florida 300 will also include the presentation of the awards for the 2014 Endurance Series. To compete for Endurance Series honors, competitors compete in four catamaran distance races, The Florida 300, Gilligan's Run, Hiram's Haul, and Steeplechase. Each day of racing in the multi day events counts toward overall series points.

Fans will be able to "watch" the race from anywhere in the world thanks to live tracking provided by Kattack tracking software. Each boats position will be transmitting in minute increments. Check the www.Florida300.com to follow all the action live.

Besides the live tracking, Damon Linkous from TheBeachcats.com will be providing on-the-scene updates, interviews, pictures, and a daily summary right from the beach. Fans will be able to get in on the action and play commentator by joining the discussion in the forum at www.TheBeachcats.com/forum. Questions posted on the forums will be relayed to the competitors.

Of course all this wouldn't be possible without the contributions of the race sponsors who supply the time, merchandise, and cash money to make it all work. Along with this years title sponsor, Waves Surf Shop, the race appreciates the support of Key Sailing, Kattack, Islander Watersports, Zhik, and Shark Bait Beach Rentals.

For more information on the Florida 300, please check out www.Florida300.com and "Like" www.Facebook.com/Florida300. For more information on Sail Series Promotions, please check out www.SailSeries.com.

See you on the beach!

Key Sailing takes First Florida 300

Added by cyberspeed on Jun 04, 2014 - 12:42 PM

Awards - 26

The first running of the Florida 300 was successful with 12 boats taking the start and nine completing all four legs. There was a good mix of seasoned veterans and new talent combined with two new venues. Competition was close with seconds separating overall leaders Key Sailing from Marspeed going into the final leg. 

Set Up Day for the Inaugural Florida 300

Added by cyberspeed on May 18, 2014 - 07:38 PM
Photo Credit: Mike Shappell
Photo Credit: Mike Shappell (TMS 20)

Registration for the Florida 300 Endurance Catamaran Race is complete and 12 boats will take the start of the inaugural event. The start is at the Islander Resort, mile marker 82.1, Overseas Highway, Islamorada, FL. tomorrow at 10:00 am.

Atlantic Coast Endurance Race

Added by cyberspeed on Feb 01, 2014 - 03:13 AM

Greetings fellow distance cat racers!

Discuss This On The Forums 

As u all may well know, we had a once strong Florida distance racing series, and a proud annual tradition of the Worrell 1000, then the Tybee 500.  Unfortunately due to a number of factors (fleet changes, participant changes), we find ourselves with an "aging" fleet of Inter 20s, Nacra 6.0s, and other spin boats without a real class camaraderie, and a very active fleet of f-18's, that holds many of the former fleet, but also many who have thought of, but not yet been inducted to true distance racing.  Finally some of our best are "distracted" with the Olympics and other life pursuits.  All this has served to weaken the overall Florida distance Racing Fleet.

But we know you are out there and interested!  All of us have spoken to many of you, and its seems it is time once again for a mighty distance spin fleet to rise from the sand and surf of yesteryear, to bring our beloved sport back to the forefront.

There are many ideas about, but we would like to keep things simple for now, and to assess TRUE INTEREST.

The proposal being floated is to pursue a 3 to 5 day, 200-300 mile multi-day Florida based distance race THIS YEAR, between late April and late May for spinnaker boats 16 feet or larger, with daggerboards and two man crews at ideally no more than 75 miles a day, over 3-5 days.  If this goes well, we are certainly further considering distances 500-1000 starting next year, BUT WE MUST GET A FIRST RACE OFF THE GROUND AND SUCCESSFUL AND THIS MEANS YOU SAILING WITH US!!!!!

After much deliberation this is distilled to choices of:

Course: Islander to Singer Island (3 day) or to Cocoa Beach (5 day):
Dates: Sunday April 27 (Islander setup) to Wed April 30(3 day) or Friday May 2(5 day).
OR May Sunday May 18 – 21 or 23.

If you are SERIOUSLY INTERESTED, and this means that short of major unseen circumstance, you will register and show up for said distance race, PLEASE SEND A POSTCARD to the following address with the following information:

Nacra 17 World Championships 2013 (Wednesday)

Added by DamonLinkous on Jul 24, 2013 - 04:29 PM

The Hague, Wednesday July 24 -- Today was an excellent day of racing at the Nacra 17 Worlds just off the coast of The Hague.

More Pictures Here

Yesterday the blue fleet managed to sail two races, the yellow fleet none. So in order to get five results in each fleet the yellow fleet today had to sail five races and the blue fleet three. That was a challenge for the race committee, as well for the sailors in the yellow fleet. They had to stay focused all day and race five times.

But everything went well. There was enough wind, between 15 - 17 knots, all day. The committee started race after race. So at 6.30 PM all the boats were back on the beach. Tomorrow the 65 teams out of 24 countries will be sailing three races in the Gold (top 25) and three in the Silver fleet. First start will be at 10.30 AM.

The most trying part today again was the current, which at some points was about three knots. Not many sailors are used to this kind of current and struggled to beat up against it. After five races the Dutch team Mandy Mulder and Thijs Visser are in the lead with seven points. French Billy Besson and Marie Riou are in second place, also with seven points, but in the last race they were third and Mulder/Visser first.

Difficult Current

Nacra 17 World Championships 2013

Added by DamonLinkous on Jul 22, 2013 - 11:57 AM

Nacra 17 World Championships 2013The practice race of the Nacra 17 Worlds today started out with superb conditions. At the start at 2 PM there was a medium sea breeze and sunny conditions. 65 Teams out of 24 countries registered for this new Olympic multihull class.

Today was only one race. Twice there was a general recall, because to many teams crossed the starting line to early. Partly because the current pushed them too much forward, partly to 'test the racing committee' as the sailors call it. At the third start the committee hoisted the black flag, which means that the teams who cross the line to early are then disqualified. Tomorrow the competition really starts, so the results of today actually don't count. That's why a lot of teams choose not to finish. Superstition tells them that a good result today will turn against them the rest of the week.

More pictures and photo credits here. 

 65 teams out of 24 countries participate in the first ever Nacra 17 Worlds. Foto Thom Touw 

French Billy Beson/Marie Riou

That also counted for one of the favourites for a podium position fresh F18 World Champion Billy Beson (FRA) with his new crew Marie Riou. 'It was good racing", tells Riou. 'We were fourth the whole race, but we also didn't want to tempt fate, so we crossed the finish line at the wrong site. Most important for us is that we have fun and pleasure during the races at all week. Also results of course. We are aiming for the Olympics in Rio and going for a medal at the Worlds here. We train a lot and especially I have to learn a lot. This is my first year in a multihull, I used to do match racing. Sailing a Nacra 17 is not the same. The game is totally different, and the speed also. But I have a good skipper, who taught me a lot. We plan to sail very fast this week."

Dutch teams

The Dutch teams will be very keen to win on its home water, taking advantage of an early start of the road to Rio 2016. Renee Groeneveld and Karel Begemann had a difficult start, but caught up with the rest of the leading pack. Groeneveld: 'The speed was good and we chose some good sides with the current, because we know this water pretty well. We can handle the ever shifting sailing conditions of the coast of The Hague. Current and waves change everyday. We have good faith that we can sail pretty fast this week and compete with the top. Just like the rest of the Dutch teams. We also didn't finish today, but that's part of the game. If you win the practice race you're doomed."

Hiram's Haul Date Announced

Added by cyberspeed on Nov 02, 2012 - 02:22 AM
Sail SeriesHiram's Haul has been rescheduled for January 5-6, 2013. This will give plenty of time for the sailors to adjust their schedules and make arrangements. There are about 20 rooms available at a reduced rate so get your reservations early and don't forget to pre-register for better pole position.

The next race on the Endurance Series Schedule is the 28th Annual Key Largo Steeplechase on December 14-15, 2012. The Steeplechase is the toughest race of the year starting with a grueling 70 mile leg that sometimes ends in the twilight and ends with a 50 mile technical sprint through a labyrinth of islands and rivers.

Hiram's Haul Postponed

Added by cyberspeed on Oct 24, 2012 - 11:49 AM

Sorry to announce the 15th Annual Hiram's Haul will be postponed due to the latest Hurricane update, showing a small westerly jog to its course late Friday and into early Saturday. This jog is too unpredictable to try a start.

Those who want to cancel their reservations can do so by Thursday at 6pm to avoid a cancellation fee. So please help get the word out to anyone you know who made reservations at Hiram's. However, many of the reservations are those who were not racing so we will be there at the Halloween Party. Come join us for the fun without the work.

We will try to reschedule the 15th Hiram's Haul for another date. Please check the following sites for updates:




Hiram's Haul Registration Now Open!

Added by cyberspeed on Oct 07, 2012 - 04:22 PM
Sail SeriesThis is the 15th anniversary for Hiram's Haul which wil be the fourth round of the Endurance Series.  The event runs October 27-28, 2012. Saturday is a 30 mile catamaran sprint down the Intercoastal waterway to the quaint, old Florida town of Sebastian and Capt. Hiram's for the first party. Spend the night and enjoy Capt. Hiram's or any of the other cozy watering holes. Return the next day with another 30 mile sprint to Performance Sail and Sport for the 2nd leg and overall trophy presentation and party. Grill's Riverside Restaurant has graciously offered to cater the party on Sunday.

Endurance Series: Gilligan's Run

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Sail Series
The second race in the Endurance Series is Saturday August 4th. Gilligan's Run is about 25 miles which is the shortest race of the series. The race starts at Perry's Ocean Edge Resort heading North to the Main Street Pier then back South to Ponce De Leon Inlet rounding a inlet buoy before turning back north to finish back at the hotel. The exact course is dependent on wind and will be determined the morning of the race.

Endurance Series: Macho Man/Mini Macho Man release

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Sail SeriesKicking off the 9th year of the Endurance Series are the Macho Man / Mini Macho Man races this weekend. The weekend will be packed with activities including two separate races, two parties and three awards presentations. With a new rule in place for 2012, both the Macho Man and Mini Macho Man will be scored for the Endurance Series. Along with the trophy presentation for the Macho Man, on Saturday night, will also be the 2011 Endurance Series awards. The Mini Macho Man awards will be presented on Sunday.

Tybee 500 Postponed

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Message from Chuck Bargeron, organizer of the Tybee 500.

To the Tybee 500 Fleet, its staff and supporters: 

Judi and I would like to extend our gratitude and respect to everyone for the years of dedication and effort. On behalf of the entire Tybee 500 administrative team, THANK-YOU ALL! 

The last couple of years have been a challenge as tough economic times have required us all to tighten our belts and choose carefully where our hard earned money and vacation time is spent. With that reality in mind, I have made the decision to postpone the Tybee 500 until May 2012. I will be contacting the checkpoints to inform them of this announcement.

Footnote: Really sorry to hear this, I hope all the competitors and aspiring teams will plan to come back strong for the 2012 Tybee 500.

The Drive to Make Sailing Affordable. No Longer An Oxymoron.

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WingZ Sailboats announces a brand new line of performance and cruising sailboats.

Z21 from WingZLa Costa, CA — August 20, 2010 — The amazing and affordable Z-21 is truly a unique value proposition.  WingZ purchased the original hull and deck tooling of the R21 catamaran designed by Randy Reynolds.  Then John Slattebo, the design engineer at WingZ, went to work on updating and re-designing many aspect of the Reynolds 21.  The new Z-21 is now faster and simply a better all-around boat.

“We have designed the Z-21 to be affordable for the average family,” said Arthur Kelly, President of WingZ Sailboats.  “The Z-21 includes a host of standard features including the trailer and sails.” “In fact, the last time I checked, we only had seven options and none were necessary to enjoy using the boat the day it is purchased.”

The Z-21 is hands down the best value on the market at a price point of just $17,495.00  WingZ didn’t cut any corners either.  She comes standard with Ronstan deck hardware, Schaefer furling systems, Z-Spars spar mast and boom, Loos standing rigging and New England Ropes Sta-Set and Sta-Set X running rigging.  These companies are known for producing top shelf products with innovative designs.  WingZ is offering an additional buyer incentive of $500 if a Z-21 is purchased from inventory or ordered by December 31, 2010.

448 Beachcats Around an Island, Now That's a Race!

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2010 Round Texel Catamaran Race in the NetherlandsTexel/Netherlands, June 11 2010 - A week prior to the start of the 2010 Zwitserleven Round Texel Race on Saturday June 19, the organization received 448 pre-entries. The high quality fleet represents fifteen countries. World's biggest cat race is part of the Zwitserleven Sailing Week, and so is the 2010 Grand Prix/Europeans Slalom Windsurfing. This event takes place under the auspices of the International Funboard Class Association. More than fifty surfers from eight different nationalities have subscribed so far.

The Zwitserleven Round Texel Race is about two different competitions. It includes the battle for the line honours and for the overall victory on handicap. The equipment plays an important role in the first case and development assumes large proportions. Xander Pols (NED) won the line honours twice before, but lost them in 2009 to William Sunnucks and Simon Farren. This British duo brought out new big guns by introducing an extra wide M20, which has meanwhile been copied by many competitors, like Pols. Also the curved dagger boards will finally enter the infamous cat race. John Moret and Danny Radelaar from the Netherlands, third over the line in 2009, will use the same set-up as Pols.

Footnote: Someday I want to see this spectacle in person! Anyone want to sponsor TheBeachcats.com for a reporting trip?

Islander Reef Run to Kick Off the 2010 Endurance Series

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Endurance Series Cup

The Islander Reef Run is Saturday, April 24, 2010. The 80 mile race kicks off the Endurance Series for the second year in a row. The race starts at the Islander Resort in Islamorada, Florida and ends at Smathers Beach in Key West. The event is hosted by Islander Watersports at the Islander Resort on mile marker 82.1.

The Race:

Formerly the Hogsbreath 100, the race has changed from a two day 100 mile race to a one day 80 mile race. The entire race is done on the Atlantic Ocean side of the Keys and boasts spectacular sailing in warm waters teaming with wildlife. This is a "Must Do" race for endurance sailors and truly tests sailors’ skill and stamina.

Hurricane 5.9 at UK Dinghy Show

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2010 Boat Show Press Release

The UK’s Best value fast cat, makes a great start to the season at the 2010 RYA Dinghy Show

The 2010 Alexandra Palace boat show has been a real success for the Hurricane5.9SX Class. The Hurricane is the UK’s best value fast cat and in these recessionary times the 2010 Dinghy show has been the Hurricanes best in years reports the classes most respected sailor Andy Webb.

The Hurricanes newly elected Chairman Nick Moore is a long time Hurricane fan returning to the fleet, “where else could you find better value for money and such fantastic performance?” he enthuses. Nick bought his Hurricane ‘Stingray’ out of the sin bin at Datchet sailing club for less than the price of an F18 Jib just 6 months ago. The newly refitted ‘Stingray’ is frequently mistaken for a new boat and is ready to race at Nationals this June.

Footnote: Looks like the Hurricane class has new life!

TopoFusion.com to Provide Online Tracking for Tybee 500

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TopoFusion.com in conjunction with SailSeries.com will be providing event coverage for the Tybee 500 using Spot Satellite Messenger units. TopoFusion.com has been providing online tracking for endurance mountain bike races and is excited to expand into endurance sailing. Their software is capable of linking multiple Spot units together on the same page with both an event page with team's last position and separate pages for each teams tracking.

Footnote: This looks pretty cool, I've been wanting to check out the Spot device, the manufacturer should send me one to review.

Dutch Tornado Olympic Sailing Team Sticks with Upwind Spin

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Qingdao / China, August 9 2008 - Despite the commotion about the new ‘code zero’, Dutch Tornado sailors Mitch Booth and Pim Nieuwenhuis stick to their strategy. They plan to use the upwind gennaker, especially designed for the predominant sailing conditions in Qingdao. The final decision is a weather depending call. Their measurement is scheduled on Sunday August 10th, so they have one more day to monitor the weather forecast.

Dutch Olympic Sailing LogoAs revealed earlier, the upwind gennaker will give an advantage in speed up to 11 knots. However, on the downwind legs there will be a disadvantage with a significant smaller sail area. Booth: “But the advantage upwind makes up for the disadvantage downwind.” For every Olympic Games the designing process of the best possible equipment starts all over again. Booth explains how they decided to work on the smaller and flat gennaker: “In Qingdao the current has a big effect on the race course. We already know quite accurately what the current will be. And with the predominant wind from the south east, it means that in terms of percentage the upwind leg will take a lot longer than on a normal course without current. The lighter the wind gets, the bigger the change in percentage upwind/downwind will be.” If this is the weather forecast, the Dutchmen will defenitely use the code zero. Booth: “But if the wind comes from the opposite direction then the numbers will reverse and we might reconsider our strategy.”

Pim Nieuwenhuis expresses the fact that they did not use a loophole in the rules: “We just designed a different gennaker that complies with the required measures.” According to Booth, they don’t have any doubt concerning the legibility of the sail: “Two coaches and three professional teams worked on it for a year. We all know the rules very well and we asked ourselves every possible question. In case there was only a small doubt, we would not have wasted a year of testing and developing. I have no fear that it doesn’t come through the measurement.”

Olympic Sailing Venue Opening Ceremony

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Olympic Sailing Center & Tower(QINGDAO, August 4) -- The Olympic Sailing start-off ceremony will take place in the Qingdao Olympic sailing center park starting at 7:00 p.m. on August 9. Officials in charge of planning the event promise that it will be, "the largest, most organized, most artistic, most exciting and most beautiful ceremony ever," as reported by the Qingdao Morning News.

The ceremony is will be made up of three parts: an enactment of "Raising the Sails in Qingdao", a performance of "Love in the Seas" and a brilliant firework display at 10 p.m. to end the ceremony. Some 2,000 actors will participate in the ceremony, along with 20 Qingdao singers.

Footnote: Sailing competition will take place in Qingdao, China, a coastal city on the Yellow Sea approximately 500 miles southeast of Beijing. Once a colony of Germany and Japan, the city boasts European architecture, adding charm to one of China's major ports for international trade. Also of German influence, the city is famous for its lager, and is home to the Qingdao (Tsingtao) Beer Brewery, the tenth-largest brewery in the world.

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