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Rare Hobie MonoCat priced right  Bottom

  • https://brunswick.craigsl…nocat-12/7047164110.html

    You don't see these very often.

    Jax, FL
  • Looks nice, but they were notorious for leaking and water being permanently absorbed by the open cell foam, unable to be drained out. This would result in hundreds of pounds of weight gain. Suggest you check to see how heavy it is before purchasing.

  • it claims to have "Unsinkable one-piece catamaran type hull"

    I worked with underwater explosives in the navy .... i am willing to accept that challenge . :)
  • am willing to accept that challenge .

    Thats funny.

    Looks like the Bravos ancestor


    Nacra 5.0
  • Weigh the hull and compare that figure to the specification weight. Those boats don't dry out and they don't open up very well. They're made like an Igloo cooler.

    '82 Super Cat 15
    Hull #315
    Previously owned: '70 H14, '79 H16, '68 Sailmaster 26, '85 H14T
  • If it's heavy and wet, but the glass feels solid and you don't mind a project... buy it, open it up at the deck joint, remove old foam and add new two-part foam.
  • Junk. I bought one years ago for that price. It wound up in the dump. As I recall, the deck was plastic and not fiberglass.

    Greenville SC

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