Sail duty Fees into Canada

I am considering buying new set of Glaser sails from the US . I am living in Canada and wondering if there is a duty fee to pay crossing border . I will already be paying conversion of 1.34 on the US dollar and if I also need to pay duty as well , it is becoming too costly . Also for the Canadian croud , is there a good sail loft in Canada for a good quality Beachcat sails ?
Depends which Province you are shipping sails to.
If in Alberta, or NWT, you will only pay GST, (5%).
Any other Province, you will pay that Provinces HST.
If you do a vacation south of the border, have them shipped to your hotel, shipping will be quite a bit less than to Canada.

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ok, so only sales tax and no extra duty fees ?
Hmmm ... NAFTA made shipping many goods between the US and Canada duty free. You need to check the applicable code to see. That said, a sail assembled in the US doesn't necessarily mean it is "made" in the US for duty purposes. I would think a sail is materially improved to get the "made in the USA" designation but I suggest checking to be sure there are no suprise duty and/or fees. By the bye, if you pick up in the US, you are likely still legally obligated to declare the sail when crossing the boarder.

Either way shipping a sail to anywhere is usually expensive. It is hard to fold those battens.


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