Prindle 50th Year North Americans

For those who couldn't make the Prindle 50th Year North Americans, you missed a great event.

There was a wide range of wind to diversify the results. Day one was a 16nm distance race; beach start with a beat to the oil rig platform, tight reach to the wreck off the Bolivar beach, u-turn around the wreck and back to the platform, and then downwind to the beach. The first leg was a 5-8 knot north wind downwind and picked up to a nice 10-15 knots for the next two legs. With the wind coming over the peninsula, there were a few big puffs that got some racers attention. The third leg was much of the same with giggles and smiles. Getting to the platform rig, the leading boats hit a hole and a 30 degree header that only a couple of boats experienced. This allowed the middle of the pack to catch up and restart the race. The next leg was a 5-8 knot beat with extremely conditions. There was no "fastest track" as the fleet was scattered left, center, and right. After the race, everyone gloated about the reach legs and headed to Hardheads for shade, cocktails and catered dinner.

Race Committee pulled off 2 windward/leeward races off the beach on Saturday. The wind was east/southeast at 5-8 knots with minimal shifts. It was a day of light air boat handling and patience. The first race of the day was an out and back to the rig with the second race being a triangle windward/leeward. There were no spectacular speed runs, just many questions among each other of "... what did you do?" and "... how did THAT happen?" The racers enjoyed a catered Mexican dinner with lots of food left over.

On Sunday, Race Committee ran a triangle windward/leeward race along the beach. The wind filled in to 8-12 knots from the south. Racing lasted about an hour which got everyone back to the beach with plenty of time to pack up their boats and get ready to head home. Hardheads hosted us once again with cocktails and a fantastic venue for awards. The amount of raffles, giveaways, and auction items was overwhelming. I believe there were more items given away than there were participants.

A huge thank you to TCDYC and BYC for being host clubs; Hardheads for hosting us each night with cold refreshments; Roger and Linda Howard for initiating Race Committee; Lee Wickland and David Cerdas for coming out and setting marks for us. Thank you to Gregg Congdon for the drone and video work (who did do a FB live via drone. Internet was sketchy and made video fair quality). Thank you to everyone who participated and to everyone who helped with race committee and organizing in the back.

Results: https://www.regattanetwor…/23254#_newsroom+results (click on race for detail)
Teaser video: (currently working on full length video)


Prindle 18-2 Mod "FrankenKitty"
Tornado Classic "Fast Furniture"
Prindle 19 "Mr. Wiggly" - gone
Nacra 5.8 "De ja vu"
Nacra 5.0
Nacra 5.8
Tornadoes (Reg White)
A big thanks to all who participated and who helped with race committee. We couldnt have asked for better weather for the weekend.

Captain Chris Holley
Fulshear, TX
'87 Prindle 19 "¬°Hijole!"
'74 sunfish "1fish"