"Cheap" trailer for 18ft catamaran?

Okay, after ya'll have a good laugh and spit out your drink, by chance anyone have a "cheap" trailer to sell that will hold an A-cat I'm trying to sell? It looks like they get posted for a day or two, then marked "SOLD" so I'm guessing I just have to get lucky. They're becoming as valuable as used cars these days!

High Point, NC

Exploder A15 A-Class Catamaran
Hobie FX One Catamaran
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Weta Trimaran
boat trailers can be converted for much less than a whole new trailer.

1978 H18
1983 H18 (some of it)
I have one at lake waccamaw I'd be willing to part with. Condition is good to very good for a galvanized steel trailer. Currently has a H17 on it. No title.