1998 Nacra 5.0- selling advice

Hope I'm posting in the right forum- I'm planning to sell my 1998 Nacra 5.0. My problem is in trying to value the boat. I've read numerous posts here, searched all over the internet, and come up with a very wide range of pricing. Can anyone recommend an authoritative source? or even just a good guide to setting the price? I'm in the central Florida area.
So much of value depends on the condition of your 24 year old catamaran, hull, tramp, running rigging, standing rig, sails, and any accessories like beach wheels, trailer and of course location. Although Florida has year-round sailing opportunities, the number of boats for sale seems to results in some lower prices than where these cats are more rare. You can scan the classified on this forum and see what similar boats have sold for and that may help. The 5.0 is a fun, boardless, skeg-hull that is relatively easy to sail. Similar boats have listed at $3500 to $4000 in good condition. It would be interesting to follow-up with this seller and see what became of his N-5 https://www.thebeachcats.…le/p16067-nacra-5-0.html

NACRA 5.7 (1984 Sail 181)
Thanks tominpa. Hearing someone else comment about the number of boats in Fl helps. Overall its in good shape, but does need some gelcoat repair from exposure and I'm not sure people are as willing here to take it on since there's other options.