Hobie Getaway Mods??

There was talk of sewing hand holds into the wing seat covers yesterday. We were going through 4 foot swells and getting bounced around pretty good. It was a great time but a bit better hamd holds would have been appreciated by the crew.

As skipper, I had my foot under the wing brace. It worked well but a bit of padding would have helped. Has anyone ecperimented with this? Thanks.


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Howzit John. I can suggest a couple cheap, effective things.

Assuming you don’t have trap wires, Create two 16 inch loops of soft rope and put them on your side stays using a simple Prusik knot (a simple hitch that constricts when pulled but can easily slide up and down the wire when you want). https://www.animatedknots.com/photos/prusik/prusikR8.jpg


You can also securely wrap 2” or wider Velcro straps around the bench seats just loose enough to get a hand under and to slide around in different spots.

Lastly, I use a kayak tie down strap looped between the wing posts to create a foot strap so I can lean out over the benches in a hiking position. If you are also holding the Prusik loop you’ll have a very secure position and will help drive the boat faster upwind. You can hook up a harness to it and everything is adjustable as well. For added comfort, pool noodles or pipe insulation can be used on the foot straps.

Cheers! RT

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