Stampede (Dart 20)

I have an early eighties Stampede (Dart 20) that has been sitting in my garage for the last 15 plus years. It is in very good condition with original main sail and a replaced jib. Also, have an aluminum trailer to go with it. Anyone have an idea on what it may be worth? I am the original owner.
lots of variables: where do you live, trailer condition, is it sail ready? sail condition? rigging condition, etc
$2 - 4k
There was one for sale a couple of years ago here in CA for 1k with no trailer


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I bought mine for $200. Then I spent $1,200 and countless hours fixing it. Perfect boat for my needs, I love it. Bought new sails this year, it didn't really need them but blue and hot pink sails are not my fashion. The new sails really made a huge improvement in performance.
Where is your boat located? Place an ad?

Dart 20
Here is one for reference.…9-4193-ae6a-46d773ccea07

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that is a good deal...comes with an aluminum trailer.

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Edchris177that is a good deal...comes with an aluminum trailer.

After looking at the pictures, the trailer may have some value. The boat not much

Dart 20