Mast Hinge Pin -- keep it in, or take it out?

My Nacra has a nice mast hinge pin that makes life easier when raising the mast. My understanding (from the manual) is that it's meant to stay in after the mast is raised; but I've been told I should take it out.

The pin is -- the pin "in its place" can be seen in this pic

What do _you_ do? Keep it in place when you go sailing? Remove it? Why? If you do remove it, where do you keep it so as to avoid losing it?
As I understand it, you remove the pin after raising the mast. This is only because de-masting (which I have done twice) results in no damage with the pin removed and catastrophic damage if left in place. I have a tramp bag I keep mine in. I also carry a phillips screw driver in my sail box as a replacement. I actually prefer the screw driver as it has a handle. Be sure the handle faces up when lowering the mast though.

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The pin is only there to keep the mast captive to the ball while raising/lowering the mast. Otherwise it is easy to have the mast jump off, as was the situation with the older boats...they didn’t use the captive system.
Your rig tension keeps the mast in place when you capsize.
I often use a screwdriver, or even a bolt, but be aware most screwdrivers are long enough to extend several inches out the other side, & can tear the tramp when lowering the mast.
There is nothing to be gained leaving it in...unless you forget to install it when dropping the stick.
With it in, if you do experience a shroud failure, you will break the mast base, & most likely bend the DS. If it’s out, the mast will pop off the ball.

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Ok Ok got the message. Took it out icon_smile thanks for the good advise!
I bought my nacra 5.8 and the DS was bent due to a demasting with the pin in. I have actually keep my mast pin tied to the mast so it’s always with the boat but I never keep it in when I sail.

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