getaway problems?

Hi, Guys, Am planning to purchase a USED Hobie Getaway . All boats seem to have their structural weaknesses that show up after years of use. Are their any common structural problems that I should look for as I check out a couple used Getaways in the near future?? Any info would be appreciated......Grandpap
Yup - cracks around where the cross bars enter the hulls. The kind of plastic Hobie uses on the boats cannot be welded like most kayaks and car bumpers, but some have reported reasonable, though ugly repairs using G-flex epoxy. Best, though to be patient and wait for the right one if you can. They are also one of the fastest moving used cats on the market right now, it appears.

Chuck C.
H21SE 408
I believe they also had some issues during early production with the transoms cracking out. Just give the hulls a good looking over.

Also the rudder system changed a few years ago from the aluminum castings that Hobie used for several decades to a more simplified plastic version. Both systems have their pro’s and con’s. Not necessarily a structural concern, but still something to consider when looking at boats.