18' Prindle Sails: Compatibility With Other Cat Sails?


I have a 1999 18’ Prindle with the original sails that require replacement. I was wondering how universal cat sails are with other 18’ (Hobie, Nacra....vs. Prindle)? I am not racing or require precision, but I would need the sail to be compatible with my boat. Thank you for any advice you may have on this subject…..even, a good place to locate lightly used sails at a good price point. Cheers from Florida!
Look in the classifieds under sails for sale. Lots of prindle 18 sails posted there. Even new jibs at a good

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There are Prindle 18 sails available in the Classified Ads https://www.thebeachcats.com/classifieds/catamaran-sails-for-sale/p16069-prindle-18-or-18-2-main-sail.html

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The Prindle 18 is a popular enough boat you should be able to find an P18 replacement without having to get a mismatch from another cat. Buy the one that Tom mentioned so I am not tempted to buy it. Where you at in Florida? I am in the panhandle but sail most of the state if you ever want to sail
Or don't buy it - so I can. icon_wink Nice sail.

Post a WTB ad on craigslist and check with clubs in your vicinity. Turn over a rock or two and you'll likely discover a cheap source of all kinds of Prindle spare parts. And advice.

BTW, an 18-2 squaretop sail is not a very good fit for the P18. But it will work, if you use the 18-2 boom.


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Thank you for all the help folks! I am looking into options that even include downsizing to a 16' cat since I am getting older and need to trailer it to the beach each time of use. Cheers!