Foiling Week Miami


Does anyone know the dates of Foiling Week in Miami 2019? All I gleaned from Foiling Weeks Facebook page is it is in February.


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Hi Greg

We had a great Foiling Week in Miami, in Feb 2018. The organizers hinted at a 2019, but at this time it looks like they dropped it.

There is foiling happening in the area

- Nacra 17s are training and racing in pre-World Cup regattas, then the WC regatta.
- Local Mothies and Waszpies are sailing every weekend when wind is up
- just last week we had Moth/Wazsp/UFO Regatta at Upper Keys Sailing Club in Key Largo. I did badly on score, but had a blast.
- Late February (25th?) Fulcrum speedwork, makers of UFOs, is planning a demo day in Miami/Coconut Gr. I'll be there.
- March 3rd Moth/Wazsp/UFO regatta. I'll be there.

If you're dropping by Miami, I have a fun and easy foiling cat and often need crew. Can trade a ride for a beer...