Thank You Damon

Merry Christmas (or whatever you celebrate)! Hope the best for you and your families....and hop that your boat(s) have some presents waiting under the tree.

Wanted to take minute and thank everyone for posting their insight, advice, and entertainment on this site. This is one of the sites that I try to check, at the very least, every other day, specially during these long Michigan winters!

To give my thanks and my appreciation to the person who makes this site possible...I just used the yellow button to the left

Nacra Inter 20
Okemos Michigan
Great idea thank you for the reminder.
Happy New Year too

This place provides lots of savings in parts, and untold info and humor. Well worth the $3 monthly I contribute.


Marstrom Tornado
Nacra 5.0

Happy New Year everyone! Looking forward to getting in more sailing in 2019 than the last couple of years.

Damon Linkous
1992 Hobie 18
Memphis, TN

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