Spinnaker Pole diameter and thickness

i have an aluminum pole that is 1 1/2" diameter o.d. and the thickness is 1/8" will this be useable for a spin pole or do i need a bigger diam. and thickness. Your thoughts.
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Nacra infusion pole is 0.065" and 1-1/2" diameter. Ie close to double the thickness of your tube.

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F-16 poles 1.5" od with a .065" wall thickness, aluminum.

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My spinnaker pole is 2 1/4" round by .0937 aluminum and 13' 3 1/2" long. It was part of an ultralight plane so it has a pair of grooves within the extrusion used to slide plastic rods that holds the wing fabric on. This robust spinnaker pole works great with my new top down furling spinnaker. icon_cool

Thanks goes to Randy Smyth on the spinnaker design. It is super easy to while solo sailing my Hobie 21SE... icon_wink

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At .125" you are almost double standard tubes. You are fine, just make sure to have good tie backs at mid pole and end pole to your boat. Do some pre bend to account for line stretch. Test it by gabbing the end of the pole and lifting your hulls to the stern and shake it around. if you see the pre bend straighten then tighten up your tie backs or get better line. Good Luck.

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