Bimare F18-HT--- User Manual and Parts

Hello everybody,
A buddy of mine and myself obtained a Bimare HT about two years ago. Great condition, solid hulls, no major signs of damage in the mast, nearly a perfect boat.
The sad part is we are missing one blade, as well as a spinnaker. We are incredibly eager to get this boat up and running, since we know we could shred every F18 in this baby.. The trouble has been finding a rigging guide/user manual, and an actual website for parts and further info on the boat.. Not much good stuff out there..
We've both raced F18's before, and are avid Hobie sailors..

If any of you fine folks could guide us in a more constructive direction than the warehouse she's stored in..

-Smokey The Sailor-
I have 2 brand new spinnakers for a F18
Send me a message if you are interested
Go to page 15 classifieds "catamarans for sale". roccat and I exchanged emails a couple of weeks ago and the Bimare HT posted was just donated by roccat .

roccat would likely be a great source for info pertaining to the Bimare HT.
She is back for sale again if anyone is interested - all proceeds go to Rochester Community Boating.

If you are interested in making an offer on parts please PM me

I have an extra set of rudders I would be happy to sell

I sent a couple of emails and left a phone message.

Looking for a rudder or a pair for a Bimare H18