N. MS midsouth NEW sailing is great! Join us if you can!

Wooo Hoooooooooo , I just got 3 new sailors in on CAT sailing! Up to about 10 H16's active for this season in N. MS.. Colorful sails, mostly 80's but we hope to kick in one regatta this year. Broken mast? Dead Elvis?? We've got a couple H 20's, a few H 17's and a getaway ready to go on top of the flood of hobie 16's ! Camping is excellent with hot showers and electricity. CHEAP fun, excitement and BBQ! Near Memphis TN.

Who is IN? What dates work best? We have 1'st class lodging 20 min away or Camping where you can pull your cat up to usually ( depending on water level ) YOUR CAMP SITE.... weather permitting a couple night sails ( i did two last season - was a blast to sail at 12am, S winds at 7mph )
Tim Grover
Memphis TN

Hobie 16
Hobie 20

Tim Grover
1996 Hobie Miracle 20
Two Hobie 14's
1983 G-Cat Restored
Memphis TN / North Mississippi
Thanks Tim, an awesome messgage...looking forward to a great season @ DSA with some of the best folks in the mid-south...You are a inspiring spokesman for the club and we are all behind you....gran poo-bah hobie division...

Don Mc
1979 Hobie 16 - WhiteCat
2013 Hobie Getaway