Who all is here from the Space Coast area?

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I actually live in the north Florida panhandle, but my girlfriend lives in Sanford and my sister owns property in Mims on the ICW, so myself and my G-cat 5.7 and Hobie 16 are down there frequently
I'm located in jacksonville on the St. John's river... Sailing a hobie getaway... Any locals shout out if you want to hit the river of beaches
I am in Jacksonville, FL too. I sail from the Rudder Club, Fulton Road in Fort Caroline, Huegenot Park and both my Hobies are permitted to live on the beach in Atlantic Beach.

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Located in Orlando and just purchased a Getaway.
I live in Saint Cloud, Fl. 42min West of Melbourne and 45 min South of the Eastside of Orlando. I have a Prindle 18 and 16. I keep the P18 at the Lake Eustis Sailing Club; they allow mast up storage. The P16 is for traveling around. There is a nice size lake in Saint Cloud approx. 5 miles across and it is close to being round in shape. To bad there is no place to launch from shore. There are two public boat ramps but you have to go out a short channel (50 yards long) to get to the lake.

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FloridaRoadie, I think you mean Toho? I wasn't sure if you could sail there or not but is definitely large enough to sail on.
I live in Deltona and have only been sailing a few times on my Hobie16. Wouldn't mind some pointers from someone locally. Thanks
I live in Indialantic and work in Indian Harbor Beach. I sail a AHPC Taipan 4.9, usually singlehanded, and usually out of POW/MIA park off US1 and Pineda Causeway, sometimes Kelly Park in Cape Canaveral.
I was just down in Orlando, sold my P16 in 1 day so I did not get to sail at all, but I did get some time to check a few areas out. As FR mentioned to me, most lakes have a problem with swamp-grass extending out from the beach 20-50 ft, so you have to sail/paddle out a very narrow channel. Went over to check out Kelly Park on Merritt Is, whew, quite a stench as the wind blew in all sorts of dead and decaying organisms onto the small beach but a great place to launch from if there is no stank-foam. I did not get the chance to head over to Clearwater/Dunedin/Causeway to check out the sailing there, but have that on my bucket-list.

I'm in Ormond Beach and my boat is mast up, ocean front in Daytona Beach.
I have been interested in trailering and discovering more of FLA.
Just back from visiting friends in Titusville and would be interested in finding out where to launch whether in the Indian River or out in the Atlantic.

I sail with a friend in Titusville off from the Max Brewer Bridge area on the Indian River. Would like to join others that sail in the area. Must be nice to have ocean front access to sailing. My buddy and I have to trailer our cats. He has a H-16. I have a 1976 17' Nacra 5.2, and am refitting a 1982 H-18.
We sail around Daytona in our new to us Taipan 4.9. The Lake Monroe Sailing Association in Sanford is a great bunch, and can get 20 boats on the line for Wednesday night races.

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I sail monohulls (420 and Sunfish) in Melbourne, off the Indian River by 192. Looking to learn about cats so that I consider buying one to sail in open water. PM me, anyone, if you want to sail. I'm willing to drive up to Daytona o down to WPB.
I'm out of Miami,FL and sail out of key Biscayne will like to meet others to share this passion.
any sailing activity this weekend on the Space Coast?

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Anything going on Sunday? Moving back to Melbourne tomorrow and would like to go out Sunday.
We will probably be out on Saturday in Southern Brevard on the Indian River. We usually sail up to Squid Lips for lunch depending on the winds. We are always looking for local sailors that can come out and play....

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Sounds good. I’ll pm you.
Live in Deland and we sail every where we can...But usually in warmer weather lol. As a FL Native there are too many warm days to force myself to sail on the cold ones lol.

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mookieWe sail around Daytona in our new to us Taipan 4.9. The Lake Monroe Sailing Association in Sanford is a great bunch, and can get 20 boats on the line for Wednesday night races.

Hey Bill...Did you sell the Falcon??

2001 NACRA 450 SOLD
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Thanks guys. I went out of Jorgesen Landing in grant yesterday. Got stuck pulling boat out. Going to the south end of Sebastian inlet today.
Happy New Year, Sailors. I'm in Orlando, mast up on Lake Conway. Just got new sails and put on a new tramp. She's sailing really well. Looking for crew who like to sail fast! Have sail various other areas including Halifax from Tomoka St park, Daytona, Fort De Soto, Lake Monroe and Space Coast. Like to explore more areas - especially offshore. Also looking to enter the weekly Rum Race in Sanford, once it stats up again in March.
QuoteLike to explore more areas - especially offshore.

Dunedin isn't too far from O-town
lots of fun islands to land on in St Joeseph's sound and Old Clearwater Bay
Gulf access to other islands too (3 rooker, anclote key, etc)
2 night mast up parking passes available at Dunedin rec center
Hello! I'm Brandon. I'm from Orlando, but now temporarily residing in Miami icon_smile
Going outta grant tomorrow. 1 hobie 18, 1 hobie 14
Planning on sailing Titusville on Indian River on Sat May 2nd, would be great to get some more boats out.
Will need to stay 6' apart.
Current FL guidelines require 50' between boats.


Just letting you know as it is being aggressively enforced here in North FL. Fine is 200$

Brad in Jax
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Thank you for the info, good to to know.
Sailing out of Kelly Park on Merritt Island on Sat the 23rd.
zuluSailing out of Kelly Park on Merritt Island on Sat the 23rd.

We were at Pineda causeway yesterday. 4 cats out. Sending you a pm, with cell number.
I am a long way from the space coast but want to know if any of you guys are going to watch the space launch from your beach cats?


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Hi, live in Orlando, not far from UCF. Have an old Hobie 16 I just pulled out of the water (we're on a small lake) to get it fixed up. Looking to connect with other Hobie (or cat) sailors to get ideas on replacement parts and suggestions. Got several things I need to do, btu first up is a new tramp. Suggestions?