i am looking to crew for nacra nationals in fort walton beach florida

hi my name is john i am 14 yeas old and i weigh 120 pounds i can do anything needed or wanted on a catamaran faster than the avarage joe i kno how to trap out and where to be at any given direction on or off the trap i have months of water time on all sorts of boats ( and surfboards) i live locall in fort walton and can get to the within 20 min at any given time (except at night) please give me a call at 850-217-5925 or an e-mail at john@cp.gccoxmail.com

You sound like excellent crew, really glad to hear that you are interested in catamaran sailing.

Good luck finding a ride.

Damon Linkous
1992 Hobie 18
Memphis, TN

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ya man thanks