Rudder cam delrin screw depth ball park guess

Anybody have a guess at how far in the delrin screw should be for a ball park setting on the cams? I just rebuild the upper and lower and am looking for a starting point to save some time. Is there a rule of thumb for this?

Still rebuilding the rudders and boat is waiting for rain to clear so I can paint at long last (record rain # of days and single day amount for dry season, go figure!!!)As it it all hardware is off the hulls so i cant test fit just yet

Pics in tech tips if anyone is curious "Bad Kitty" is starting to come together
I rebuilt mine over the winter too. I set them to release at 25 lbs since I sail in choppy seas. I can see at least 1/2 inch of threads showing in the lower casting. I had to screw the starboard side in deeper for the same tension so I can't say there is really any rule of thumb.
thanks, that was exactly what I wanted to know!!!
it is usually a simple kick test to see if you are at the desired releasse/tention.

Just lock down the ruddes and gently kick to pop it.... set both to roughly the same amount of tention needed to pop it.. regrdless of the screw depth....
Technically, with the cat on it's trailer, drop the rudders and lock into place, loop a strap over rudder near bottom edge, using a scale (similar to one used to weigh fish), attach to strap and pull, note tension reading on scale when rudder pops, set both rudders to same reading by adjusting delrin screw. The heavier the sailing conditions, the greater the tension.

G-Cat 5.0
OR.... you can kick the fish scale... kick it hard enough to really hurt, but not enough to bruise.

Use the same amount of pressure (foot pounds if you will) on your rudders.

This is the same amount needed to have just the right
amount kick up. You want your rudders to kick up when you hit something, but not enough to pop with just the force of water+wind+wave

You can kick the fish scale a Little harder to adjust if more pressure is required... but i think that is an extra step

NOTE: regardless of turns on screw/and tention... if you don't keep that rubber cam, and that delron ball lubricated... those rudders will not work well... (or at all)