Bravo Boom Kit

I picked up a used Bravo and use it on the lake behind my house, one thing that is lacking is a way to control the sail shape when sailing off the wind. So I checked out a Boom Kit and didn't want to pay $330 for something I already had all the fittings for (better ones actually).

So I made one using a H14 boom I had and it makes a huge difference. The only problem is the weight/diameter of the H14 boom is just to much for moderate or light days. Weights down the sail and pulls the leech to tight.

So I am looking for an 8 ft. section, 1.75 or 2 inches in diameter with a sail slot the full length. Searched the yards down in Ft Lauderdale and nothing. If anyone has any suggestions on where to get one, or even has something, let me know.

Does it need the slot? Could you rig the boom as a plain round aluminum pipe like a lot of the F18's have as a boom?

Simple and light.

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That is one option, the reason for the slot is because the mast rotates 360 degrees and the main furls around it. With the slot the full length of the boom, its easy to furl the sail without detaching it from the boom. It also allows you to reef the sail (by rotating the mast) when it starts to blow hard.

When it blows like stink, I reef the sail to get to the top of the lake, Then let the sail out for some broad reaches. With a boom (& vang) it really helps.

you could put a coupling ring around the pole with the sail attachment point so you could reef the sail most of the way.

You would need some way to secure the ring... like a quick pin (with holes drilled through the ring and the pole at different locations for reefing).

Just a thought.
Hey there Charlie, you’ve probably already solved this problem but I found a single carbon fiber sculling oar on ebay pretty cheap 75$ and cut it down to the right size abd cut a half circle out at the end of the paddle section that matches the groove on the rotation ring and teen forced it with glass and vuala. Custom carbon boom that doubles as a carbon oar when not in use. Hope this helps someone.
Why not just cut of the end of the boom you are using? reattach the end cap and move on. You may have to move other fittings, or cut both ends, but why re-invent the wheel?

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